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While holiday parties are meant to be fun, they can sometimes end up being a burden to your employees. In 2018, only 65% of employers held a holiday party for their employees. That is the lowest number since 2009. So, how do you breathe some life into a boring office party? Show your employees how much you appreciate them with a party they’ll actually enjoy.

Make The Holiday Party About Your Employees

Throwing a party for your employees is not a time for the company to show off. You shouldn’t be throwing a party to impress anyone, but to thank your employees for all their hard work. Before you begin planning the actual party or activities here are some questions to ask:

How Can This Party Be Inclusive?

Not all cultures celebrate Christmas and there are other holidays celebrated during the winter months. Make sure your party is welcoming to all cultures and traditions. Stick to non-denominational decor and avoid religious themes altogether. Every employee should feel welcome, regardless of their background or beliefs.

How Can This Party Reflect Company Culture?

A well-defined and consistent culture is an important part of maintaining a strong organization. Employees are more likely to enjoy work and keep their jobs longer if they agree with the ideals and values of the company. Having your party reflect your values is a great way to demonstrate your integrity as a company.

For example, does your organization value giving back to the community? If so, then your party could involve a fundraising event with all of the proceeds going to a charity. Or, instead of a party, you could organize a day for your staff to go out and volunteer within the community. Some companies even give employees paid days off so they can volunteer at a charity of their choosing.

What Do Employees Actually Want To Do?

Some employees want a low-key gathering with food and games, others may want a group outing or an event. Some employees don’t even want a holiday party, preferring a cash bonus or extra paid time off to spend with friends and family. Before you begin planning a party, send out a survey asking what employees actually want. That way, you can invest your time and money into a party your employees will actually attend.

Elements of a Great Holiday Party

Now that you’ve asked your employees what they want and thought about how to make the party inclusive and reflect your culture, we can begin planning the elements of the party itself. Here are some ideas you can mix and match to create a holiday party your employees won’t forget.

Have Great Food (And Drinks)

Good food at your holiday party is absolutely essential. A great meal or high-quality snacks can be what makes an event truly memorable. Equally important are the drinks you will serve. Decide early on how many drink tickets you’ll be providing and make sure that’s communicated to the employees beforehand.

Play Games (But Make Them Optional)

Games are a great way to bring people together and help them relax. Leave board games and card games out on some tables and encourage employees to play whatever they want to. Schedule an hour of time for open karaoke, or organize a ping-pong tournament.

If your employees are up for a challenge, consider organizing a group outing to an escape room or playing laser tag.

Get Creative

Providing a place to be creative can make people feel productive and help them relax. Your party could include a gingerbread house-making contest or a gift-wrapping station. If you’ve got a group of highly creative people, consider doing a “wine-and-canvas”. These easy Bob Ross style paint-alongs allow people to exercise their creative muscles and relax while having a few drinks.

Watch A Classic Movie

Pop some popcorn and pull up a chair. Watching a classic holiday movie like Home Alone, Elf, or It’s A Wonderful Life can make for a memorable party. Set up a watch party in the conference room or rent out a local movie theater to accommodate your group.

Hold A (Friendly) Competition

A friendly contest can boost camaraderie between employees and give your holiday party some excitement. Whether it’s an ugly sweater contest or a holiday cookie bake-off, a good-natured competition is a great way to liven things up and have fun.

Give Out Awards

An award ceremony doesn’t have to be as formal as the Oscars or as awkward as The OfficeDundies.” It can simply be a time to appreciate your hardest working, most dedicated employees. Mix in a little humor and give out awards for the “busiest bee”, or the “coffee addict.” Of course, whatever awards you give out, do it with more tact than Regional Manager Michael Scott.

Happy Holidays From Workbox Staffing

The holidays are a time to thank your employees for all their hard work and to tell them how much you appreciate their efforts. Whether it’s giving an extra day off or planning a great cookie bake-off, we hope you came away with a few ideas on how to liven up your company holiday party. Remember, keep it about your employees and they are bound to have a great time.

A single stressed employee could have several explanations, like circumstances outside the office. When you notice multiple people and several teams expressing tell-tale signs of stress, like irritability, absences, and waning enthusiasm, you might have to consider the problem is something at your company. If you want to keep your team from getting burnt out, here are five helpful tips.

 1. Set the expectations

When an employee isn’t sure of what he or she should be doing, it can cause them to feel stress in their work. Or if they know what they should be doing and feel stressed by everything that needs to be done, it can lead to similar feelings.

As an employer, you have to make sure your team understands what is expected of them when it comes to their duties on the job. Obviously, you want them to perform the appropriate tasks, but make it clear it should never be at the cost of their mental health.

2. Lead by example

If you tell your team they don’t have to stay late or work overtime to complete a project, make sure they see that attitude reflected in you. As a manager, you have added responsibilities, but your work-life balance is also important. They may hear you telling them to go home, but if they see you every night staying late, they may feel obligated to do the same.

3. Encourage vacation time

Some companies make it very difficult to request time off or even take it at all, which promotes a culture of overworking and stress. Make sure you encourage your employees to use the time they earn to refresh and relax. They will do better on feeling better at work by using their time and feeling they can take a few days off without the world at work collapsing.

4. Check-in with your team

Don’t just assume they’re taking care of themselves; actually check in to make sure. Find out how they’re feeling about their workload and various projects and what they’re doing to relax. By taking this time, you’ll have a better idea of what they’re going through and won’t be oblivious when burn out occurs. You can help prevent it just by showing you care.

5. Acknowledge their work

Sometimes stress can come from working hard and feeling like no one notices. Being recognized isn’t the reason for work, but it can make the experience better. As a manager, make sure your team’s work isn’t going unnoticed. Let them know you see the extra effort and everything they’re doing and consider different ways to appreciate them.

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In today’s world, employee appreciation is one of the key factors to decreasing turnover and increasing employee satisfaction. Your team wants to be recognized for their hard work, and summer is the perfect time to let them know how valued they are. While these suggestions can work all year round, try taking a load off this summer and show your team how to have some fun!

Get out of the office

Having a staff lunch to recognize accomplishments in the office is appreciated but taking them off-site is even better. By taking them out of their environment, you’re encouraging them to relax a little bit more and enjoy themselves instead of constantly thinking about going back to their desks. Plus, a midday change of scenery that happens to fall on a beautiful summer day can make even the grumpiest employee smile.

Have more parties

Even better, make them themed. Keep celebrating birthdays but try to step up your game with fun decorations and props. Depending on your office culture, you can throw an impromptu ‘It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere’ meeting or maybe just a surprise ice cream sundae bar. No matter what you do, find fun ways to celebrate your staff’s accomplishments this summer.

Create Olympics-style competitions

The Summer Olympics might be a year away, but you can bring the festivities to your office right now. Find ways to turn everyday tasks into Olympic events and create teams to compete as your countries. By having a board to track your progress with a prize at the end that’s more than a medal, you can create a friendly rivalry that inspires your team to work harder and enjoy it even more.

Spend a day volunteering

Volunteering is important, and by taking your team out of the office for a day to serve, you’re giving them the chance to do good while having an adult field trip of sorts. Beyond the benefits for your team, you can earn the goodwill of your community by showing you’re passionate about giving back.

Bring your pets to work day

This one might not work in every office due to phobias and allergies, but it may be everyone’s favorite day depending on your culture. If your team meets a milestone or completes a major project, consider letting them bring in their pets to the office for a day. Granted, certain behavioral rules need to be in place, but summer is the perfect time because at lunch everyone can take their pets for a walk together.

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4 Tips to Help If You’re Not Getting Along With Your Boss

Your relationship with your supervisor can make or break your experience at your job. It doesn’t matter how great an opportunity is if you don’t like your boss. Similarly, the best boss in the world can make a horrible job seem a little better. If you’re having trouble getting along with your boss, here are four tips you can use to improve the situation.

1. Focus on the good

The best way to make a bad situation worse is to fixate on exactly why it’s so bad. When you’re frustrated with your boss, sitting and thinking about their negative qualities all day will only strain your relationship more.

Instead of letting yourself fall to the dark side of thinking, remember what you like about them. Recognize their strengths and how well they do their job. This can snap you out of your funk and improve your relationship with your manager.

2. Ask for feedback

This is a good practice on several levels. First, it places your boss in the role of a mentor which many people will value.  They’ll want to invest in you more. Second, you can learn more about their standards and make sure you’re adhering to them. Plus, you’ll improve as an employee and show your boss your efforts to continually get better.

3. Look for cues in their behavior

The longer you work with someone, the easier this is. If your boss is known to have a bit of a short temper or gets flustered easily, make sure you’re reading his or her mood before presenting new ideas or solutions. Not only will this help you be heard, but they’ll appreciate the space and understanding.

4. Let things go

If you hold onto to every disagreement and negative feeling you’ve had, it’s likely you will have a bad experience with your supervisor. Grudges don’t do a thing for you or them and can ultimately just make your performance worse.

The most important thing to remember is this person is your boss and not your friend. That doesn’t excuse someone who is cruel or incompetent, because those are different issues. You can have a functioning professional relationship without being pals, and that should be your goal.

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Best ways to ease back into work as a new parent

Life is full of routine disruptions and transitions, but few are more difficult than going back to work as a new parent. Not only is your normal schedule flipped on its head, you’ll find a shift in priorities and much less time and sleep than you’re used to prior to baby. Because of this, beginning your work life can be stressful. Here are the best ways to ease back into work as a new parent.

Begin With Boundaries

Boundaries are an important aspect of work-life balance at any time, but the need becomes especially strong with your new family. If your schedule is modified or you’re working from home more, make sure your team has all the details of when you will and won’t be available.

Even if you’re used to checking and replying to emails in the evening, now might be the time to move away from that habit. Being able to give your family your full attention after work will help make the time matter, instead of being distracted by messages that can wait.

Find Good Childcare

One important way to ease your worrying throughout the day is to find childcare you can trust prior to returning to work. This isn’t a decision to make idly. Whomever you choose is responsible for caring for your child several hours a day, and you want to know your baby is in good hands.

If you don’t have the option of having a family member or someone you know watch the baby, ask around for suggestions and begin researching convenient childcare centers near home and work. By making your decision ahead of time, you can feel confident your child is in good hands.

Depend on Your Support System

While you are the one going through the process of leaving your child to go back to work, you don’t have to wade through all the emotions yourself. Open and honest communication with your partner friends, and co-workers in similar situations can help you share the weight and see you aren’t alone in your feelings.

Take Care of Yourself

The needs of your baby, family, and job are important, but you don’t want to lose yourself in the balancing act. Make sure you find time to take care of yourself, whether it’s a once-a-week class by yourself or a lunch away from your desk where you can find some peace.

Similarly, don’t beat yourself up when it gets hard and don’t assume you’re a failure or doing anything wrong. There will be hard times and you won’t automatically be perfect. Take the time to develop a rhythm and don’t worry about the timeline – adapting at your own pace is the right goal.

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The decision to move to a no-car commute is one that can have many benefits. Research from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) indicates that nearly 30 percent of carbon emissions come from vehicles, primarily cars. The American Automobile Association (AAA) says that owning a car can cost an average of $8,500 each year.

You know you want to make the decision, but how? Here are five ways to create a no-car commute!

1. Start by scaling back

Before you take the plunge into a no-car lifestyle, try it out by using other methods of transportation in addition to your vehicle. You can figure out your best option and once you’re ready, ditch the car completely.

2. Try sharing rides

While you aren’t necessarily free of your vehicle, you are cutting back on expenses and carbon emissions. Even chipping in for gas can be less expensive than traveling on your own every day.

3. Ride your bike

This is one of the most popular options, but it might not be as easy as just jumping on your bike and switching your commute style. The first step is to determine the best route. Sites like Google Maps can help you determine the most effective roads for a bike, but the timing might be off. Test it before you try it to make sure you’re giving yourself enough time to get to work.

Safety is another consideration when it comes to riding your bike to work. Using Google Maps suggestions and your own knowledge, try to select the route with bike lanes. Make sure to wear a helmet, have lights and reflectors on your bike, and wear bright colors, especially if your morning and/or evening commute occurs in the dark.

4. Take a walk

Even though this is the slowest option, it can be the most rewarding. One study found it’s less stressful than other methods of commuting, even in the colder months. To make your walk effective, make sure you have good shoes for the various elements.

5. Navigate public transportation

If you want to get rid of your car without braving the outdoors, you can try public transportation. It will take some planning and testing to see how long the commute will take, but it can be a good time to read, prepare for or decompress from work, or listen to your favorite podcast.

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Depending on your career, shiftwork might be an inevitable reality, meaning at some point you’ll have to work the night shift. While it’s the same length as other shifts, it can feel longer because of the unnatural time you’re awake and working. To make it through your shift successfully, consider these four ways to survive the night shift.

Develop good sleep habits

This is especially important if you’ll be working a lot of night shifts; however, it’s still wise to consider these suggestions even if you’re scheduled sporadically. First, you should prepare for sleeping after your shift prior to working. Consider purchasing a sleep mask, white noise machine, and blackout curtains. Most of the world will be functioning when it’s time for you to sleep and these items can keep the noise and distractions out. When trying to fall asleep, don’t spend too much time on your phone, computer or watching television.

Before your shift, it’s important to stay up as late as possible the night before. This way you can sleep later into the day, allowing you to be more well-rested for your shift.

Stay hydrated

The brain is 70 percent water, meaning to keep your cognitive functions running smoothly, hydration is a must. Drinking water will keep you refreshed and alert. Use a refillable water bottle and track how much you’re drinking to ensure you’re properly hydrated for your entire shift.

 Focus on relaxation

If your overnight job is filled with stress, finding activities to help you relax when you’re not working will keep you more focused on the job and calm while you’re away. The more relaxed you are, the better you’ll be able to sleep.

Monitor your caffeine intake

Sometimes you need an extra boost for your shift, but too much can affect your need for sleep after. Make sure you’re monitoring how many cups of coffee or soda you’re consuming and avoid caffeine toward the end of your shift.

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As the end of the year approaches, it’s time to start thinking about everything you want to accomplish in 2019. Whether it’s resolutions to be more productive, to work out more, or to spend more time with your family, the goal is to always do ‘more’ of what’s good for you. Sometimes it’s important to focus on what you should do less of, especially when it comes to these bad work habits.

Spending Time With Negative Nancy’s

Most people want to be liked and feel included. Often, especially in work settings, this can lead people to fall in with the negative crowds. The co-workers who are skeptical about everything and always have a snide comment to add. While it’s hard to distance yourself from these ‘cool kids,’ being away from the negativity is ultimately better for your productivity and your attitude.

Overeating Due To Stress

It’s hard to avoid stress at work, just like it’s hard to say no to cake in the breakroom. Often, these two overlap and even though you aren’t hungry, that day-old cake seems like the perfect way to cope with ongoing stress. This year, make a conscious effort to say no to eating when you aren’t hungry and find more productive ways to address the stress.

Eating Too Much Junk Food

Similar to overeating due to stress, it can be easy when you’re busy to opt for fast food on the go or a soda to boost you up. While these things are fine occasionally, too often they can leave you feeling tired and unproductive, which is the last thing you want at work.

Be more mindful of packing your food ahead of time, so the battle is half won at lunch time. Take time to purchase and pack food you enjoy, that will also boost your energy, so you can feel good, eat well, and say no to junk food temptations.

Being Late

Sometimes this is unavoidable, but it can also stem from a chronic inability to leave on time. In 2019, resolve to arrive on time – if not early – and start by giving yourself more time in the morning. When you rush and arrive to work late, your day has started in a scramble and that feeling of being on edge will stay with you throughout the day. Try waking up a little earlier to give yourself more time to prepare for your day, and arrive to work on time and ready to kick butt.

Complaining About Your Job

This year, don’t stay at your job if you aren’t satisfied. Take the plunge and find a new opportunity. If you’re looking for something new in light industrial, manufacturing, or clerical settings, partner with Workbox Staffing to make 2019 the year you change your life. We work with you to learn about your skills and where you want to go, to help find the perfect fit. Apply today and see how we can help your career continue to grow.

Working from home has its benefits, like staying in your pajamas all day, less fill-ups at the gas station, and avoiding awkward company get-togethers. These sorts of activities typically ramp up during the holiday season, and as a remote employee, it can be tempting to think you don’t have to attend any of these events either. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

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With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s time to think about how you’re going to say thank you to your employees for another year of hard work. Most companies perform year-end reviews that can come with a raise, but it’s important to go above and beyond when possible to let your team know they’re appreciated. Here are six holiday incentives to help you express your gratitude:

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