“3 Easy Ways You Can Brand Your Company Through Social Media”

08.22.18 | Company Culture, Management Tips

Social media is an unavoidable force in 2018. Whether you enjoy it or not, it is crucial for your company include it in its overall strategy. More than merely having social accounts for your business, you must have a plan in place to ensure you’re using the correct platforms and meeting the needs of your customers and visitors. Once you’ve established the goal of your social media, use these three easy ways to brand your company through social media.

Find out where you need to be

The big three of social media – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – are always popular options, but they represent a drop in the bucket of what you have available. Consider the demographics of whom you’re trying to reach as well as what kind of content you want to share, and look into all the options available for you.

Sometimes you think you’ve found a good site, but you don’t see results. It’s perfectly fine to do some trial and error testing before you find where you really shine. If you decide to move past a platform, make sure it’s either completely deleted, or you post updates a few times a week, so when it’s found, people can see you’re still active.

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Design your look

One common mistake businesses make is not putting the time into creating a cohesive design for their social accounts. They post a logo and ignore everything else. This is technically on brand, but it doesn’t provide something that’s visually compelling for visitors.

Start by looking at your website and logo and decide what colors you’d like to use. From there, create appropriate avatar graphics and cover images that are consistent across all sites where they’re applicable. Carry this branding through everything you share. If you’re designing graphics, include some element so it’s easily identifiable as being part of your site.

Develop your voice

Your voice should uniquely reflect your brand. It should also be grammatically correct and politically correct, but depending on how you define your company, you have some wiggle room. Perhaps a professional or more conversational tone best suits who you are. Sometimes a snarky, irreverent voice is the perfect way to write in the voice of your company. Decide what it is for your business and keep all your posts in line with the voice.

Attract the best talent

Good social profiles can attract top talent because yours seems like a business that has it all together. You know another way to achieve this? Hire a company dedicated to working for you and delivering you the absolute best. Work with Workbox Staffing today!

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