“Friday Beers: Let’s grab a beer!”

03.16.18 | Company Culture

Workbox isn’t a typical staffing agency. When we say “Down to Earth, Down to Business” we mean it. In the early days, our owner used to roll up his sleeves and work the jobs he couldn’t fill himself.

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Our first office was established in Grand Rapids, and around here we usually call it “Beer City, USA.” We’ve got about a gazillion breweries within a 50-mile radius, which means on any day of the year you can probably find something new and delicious without having to top off the tank.

At the end of the week in Grand Rapids, we like to raise a glass (or two) to our hard work and jump-start a productive weekend*. We think that fits our attitude at Workbox Staffing, so we’d like to bring that feeling to you every week in our blog: Friday Beers.

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Every Friday afternoon we’ll toast you with a new brew and say a little something about it. No, we’re not going to go all “beer snob on you and throw around gravity points and say things like “hints of grass clippings,” but we will approach each oat soda like we approach our work: down to earth.

So, make sure you subscribe to our blog and look out for this edition every Friday afternoon. We will even take your requests. You can comment below this blog or any of our other blogs, and we’ll do our best to track down that barley pop and handcraft a pleasing blend of words and images meant to inspire you for a productive weekend*.


< em>*Workbox Staffing cannot guarantee your weekend productivity after consumption of beer of any quantity.< /em>