“Do You Know Who is Working on Your Job Order Today”

01.24.17 | Company Culture

When you submit a job order to Workbox Staffing for a position that needs to be filled, you have faith that Workbox will complete the job and deliver a qualified candidate by your deadline. You might not think much about the person (or people) finishing this job, but front desk staff, recruiters, and interviewers work hard and cohesively to find you an employee who has the skills your company needs.

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Each time you submit a job order, Workbox follows a similar process as described below:

< br>Job Order Submitted

When you first submit a job order, it must be assigned to the appropriate recruiter. A recruiter might work with specific companies whom they know well or with specific job titles that they understand. While a recruiter is working for you, they are also speaking with job seekers throughout the day.

Process Begins

After receiving the job order, recruiters begin searching for candidates that match the skills your company needs. They act in the best interest of your company, looking for a right attitude and experience.

Though recruiters work as quickly as they can, this part of the process can take a few days or few months to find the best-fit candidates for your company.

Recruiter Identifies Candidates

Based on job seeker profiles and resumes we have in our files, recruiters select the candidates they think are most qualified for the position. Recruiters often know candidates well from working with them in the past, so they have great insight into who should move on to the next step of the process.

Candidates Are Interviewed

Candidates that might be good matches are then interviewed, sometimes by the recruiter and sometimes by interviewers who understand what to look for in job candidates. These interviews help ensure the candidate is qualified, assume the position requirements and would be an excellent cultural fit for your company.

Candidates are also reference-checked and undergo background checks before being matched to the job order.

Recruiter Matches Candidates

At this stage of the process, the recruiter may present your company with different choices for you to make the final candidate decision. Once the candidate has been matched to the opening, the recruiter calls to congratulate the candidate and to let other candidates know they were not chosen.

Candidate Begins Work

Once the right candidate has been found, they report to your company to begin training and work. If the match is right, they should become productive, useful employees quickly.

To ensure you get the candidate you need, a lot of time and work goes into the recruitment process. Recruiters know this process and their candidates better than anyone, helping you get the staffing help you need faster and with less stress than ever before.< br>< br>{{cta(‘bf6aa1b1-098f-45ac-bf5c-8b4b51e48ab4′,’justifycenter’)}}< br>