“Does Your Staffing Agency Work as a Team”

01.26.17 | Company Culture

To work both effectively and efficiently, a staffing agency must operate as seamlessly as possible. This relies heavily on not only the way your employees interact but the roles they play within the organization. When staffing agency teamwork breaks down — for example, reward if a particular employee is out sick, has been promoted, or leaves the company — communication falters and puts the entire team out of sync. This can quickly lead to details slipping through the cracks, which in turn means your agency might miss vital opportunities for pairing a client with a potential hire. Working as a team is crucial to your company, but also to the clients and employees being served.

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< h3>Working as a Team to Benefit a Client or Employee< /h3>

Not only does working as a team benefit your company, its processes, and the employee morale, it benefits the clients and employees in which your company assists in the staffing process.

When employees work as a team, clients often receive their requests more quickly and have jobs completed at a more rapid pace. For an employment agency’s clients, this means their client’s job openings that are awaiting qualified employees are filled quicker, and their company is not lacking in that job area for as long.

Clients also benefit from this teamwork because all employees are on the same page. If for some reason a specific employee from the staffing agency had to take an urgent leave, a client could get requested information or get questions answered from other employees that could fill in during that time that the employee had to leave on short notice.

With teamwork comes camaraderie, and another benefit of employees having collaboration is that sense of camaraderie they give off to clients. People can tell when something is good or when it isn’t right. If there’s tension or lack of teamwork or communication, a client might not feel comfortable with your staffing agency and might not trust you with their business needs.

< h3>Identifying Whether Your Agency Works as a Team< /h3>

You can’t fix something if you don’t know it’s broken, and you need to determine what’s preventing your agency employees from working together effectively if there is not a good sense of teamwork and communication.

Here are a few areas to evaluate:

  • Clear Job Descriptions – Have job details been clearly explained to your employees, and do they understand their roles in accomplishing goals? < /li>
  • Does their position keep them engaged?< /li>
  • Is there any overlap in skills so that if one team member is absent, the team can still function? If not, do you have a process in place for training team members for new roles? < /li>
  • Is there internal communication about who is best to step into a particular role if necessary?< /li>
  • Do specific team members have more influence over others and do they make an effort to mentor staff?< /li>
  • How easy is it for the team to collaborate, and do the influencers promote that?< /li>
  • Are there instances of interpersonal conflict, and how are they resolved? Is this expressed as respect or manipulation? How < g class="gr_ gr_69 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim Grammar multiReplace" id="69" data-gr-id="69">does< /g> this impact communication and productivity?< /li>
  • How often do employees burn out? How does this balance against their productivity levels?< /li>

Client Experience

  • Have you and your employees devised a client experience strategy? < /li>
  • Can your employees identify gaps in the client experience?< /li>
  • Does your team regularly communicate with clients? Does this reveal any staffing pains on the client’s part?< /li>
  • Does your team make an effort to build a relationship with your clients?< /li>

Team Building Ideas for Your Staffing Agency

Once you’ve identified the strengths and weaknesses of your team, you can get started on strengthening their teamwork. Tactics to consider include:

  • Regularly meeting (e.g., monthly, weekly) to discuss recent issues or mistakes and to anticipate potential problems and to plan for them. This can be an opportune time for informal reviews as well as highlighting and informally reward the positives each team member has to offer.< br>< /li>
  • Have team members take personality tests or other evaluations to determine what kind of employee they are (extroverted/introverted, thinking/feeling, etc.) and what kind of environment or activity they thrive in. This can help you, and other team members understand what makes different people most useful.< br>< /li>
  • Develop a succession plan for both the team and the company at large. Investing in your employees this way boosts morale, improves the culture of collaboration, and puts processes in place to groom employees for new positions or expanded responsibilities.< /li>

Working as a team is critical to ensuring that your staffing agency stays at the top of its game and that no client or hire gets lost in the shuffle. The tips we’ve given you to determine if they are, along with the team building tips above, are a great starting place for improving the way your employees work together and creating a company culture that builds itself up for success.