“Friday Beers: Estrella Damm”

06.08.18 | Company Culture

Intro: Welcome to week twelve of Friday Beer Blogs. We tried to be fancy and go international with our brew this week. This week’s beer comes from Spain and it didn’t take the Spanish Inquisition to get our views on it.

Beverage: Estrella Damm Image result for estrella damm

Brewed in: Barcelona, Spain

ABV: 4.6%

Beer rating: 59

Our review: Estrella Damm is the first beer from S.A. Damm, the oldest brewery in Spain. Estrella Damm has been around since 1876, the same year Mark Twain published “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” which later inspired “Tom Sawyer” by RUSH, which just happens to be our favorite song to test our vocal chords for notes only dogs can hear. < i style="background-color: transparent;">Estrella< /i> means “star” in both Catalan and Spanish. < i style="background-color: transparent;">Damm< /i> is a shortened name for the brewery, Sociedad Anónima Damm. This beer is a pilsner lager, which essentially means it looks, tastes, and smells like ~a beer.~ So, Homer Simpson probably would like it. In S.A. Damm’s defense, it was probably a very fancy beer back in 1876.

Why we like it: This beer is mellow, perfect for wishing you were relaxing by the Mediterranean instead of that all sports lake where if you hear one more early Miley Cyrus song (Like a year after Hannah Montana) from a pontoon boat, you’re going to scream. We liked this beer because while it was understated, it felt like that old friend from high school who you always run into at the grocery store and talk to for an hour, not the highlight of your day but still nice.

Why we don’t like it: It’s a beer that can go with just about anything. Only as a last resort though. Just like that one friend, Trish, that we all seem to have. She just doesn’t bring anything to the party. Sure enough Trish is always available so when your fun friends are too busy life-ing, she can be there for company sake. Trish is bland, the beer is bland. Find that edge already.

Pairs well with: Thinking about mowing the lawn. Not mowing the lawn. Watching your neighbor mow their lawn. Feeling like you should mow your lawn now.