“Friday Beers: Founders Azacca IPA”

03.16.18 | Company Culture

Welcome to Friday Beers Blog #1! This is our first blog in this series, which we created to share some of our hometown brew enthusiasm with you (< em>brewthusiasm?< /em>). Workbox is full of down to earth people, some even like to enjoy a frosty beverage on Fridays to help us get down to business over the weekend. By the way, it’s fine with us if your weekend business is lawn maintenance and laundry. You should have a beer with that, too.

Beverage: Founders Azacca IPAApply For Jobs at Workbox Staffing

Brewed in: Grand Rapids, MI – A.K.A. Beer City, USA

ABV: 7% (is that good?)

Beer rating: 93 (pretty sure that’s good)

Our review: This beer is made using Azacca hops – named after the Hatian God of agriculture – which gives it a nice fruity taste of mango and citrus. We were pretty sure this beer contained juice when we tried it, but the flavor and aroma is all from the hops. Also, it’s fun to say “ah-ZAH-kah”. Go ahead, say it out loud. Seriously.

Why we like it: This beer is only produced between December and March and the tropical label and finish is a suitable vacation from winter in the Midwest. When you offer an Azacca to someone it sounds WAY more exotic that it really is. It’s simple but fun, kind of like go karts.

Why we don’t like it: It’s an IPA, which can overwhelm some people. If you’re expecting a shandy or something like a cider, you’re probably going to have a bad time. If you are having a bad time while drinking it, just say “ah-ZAH-kah” and you’ll feel better.

Pairs well with: Late-Friday lunch, clearing out your inbox, getting ready for that meeting with Janice on Monday, tacos. Always tacos.

For more information on this beer and to see if it’s available in your area visit: https://foundersbrewing.com/our-beer/azacca-ipa/< /p>