“Friday Beers: New Belgium Strawberry Lemon Ale”

07.06.18 | Company Culture

Intro: Friday Beer Blogs is back! This week we are trying our best to get back into the swing of things after a holiday mid-week (seriously, why don’t we have the rest of the week off? It was America’s birthday for freedom’s sake!). To welcome the unofficial second half of summer, we poured ourselves a nice cold glass of New Belgium’s Tartastic Strawberry Lemon Ale.

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Beverage: New Belgium Tartastic Strawberry Lemon Ale

Brewed In: Fort Collins, CO. & Asheville, NC

ABV: 4.2%

Beer Rating: 95

Our Review: New Belgium is one of those brewing companies whose diverse portfolio of brews can be found anywhere from a trendy craft beer store in midtown to a hole in the wall party store in Nebraska. Started in 1991, we realized that was almost 30 years ago, and the Nineties didn’t actually take place like ten years ago. While your pet rock may still be alive and well, it < em>has < /em>been a while since you’ve fed your Tamagotchi pet.

Why We Like It: If Pinot Grigio and beer made a baby it would be this tasty brew. The fruit on the label lets us tell ourselves it’s healthy…hey, we can pretend right? We’d say drinking this beer is like watching an early 2000s RomCom, it has its ups and downs and you’d be lying if you didn’t admit you enjoyed it more than slightly. This beer is like the child music prodigy at the seventh-grade band concert.

Why We Don’t Like It: For a beer that claims to be “Tartastic,” we were left wondering why. This brew lacks the tart bite the name seems to promise. It’s like when you win a trophy, but then you realize everyone else on the team is also getting a “participation trophy,” exciting for a second but then kind of a letdown. To be honest, we also wish this beer came in larger bottle sizes so we could drink it all day without it looking like we drank a 6-pack solo.

Pairs Well With: That plastic kiddie pool you know that giant unicorn, pegasus floaty isn’t really going to fit in but that’s not going to stop you, figuring out what cable provider will give you the most bang for your buck, paying your bills before the “due by” date, 90+ degree heat waves, and counting the days until your kids go back to school.