“Friday Beers: New Holland’s Cabin Fever”

05.18.18 | Company Culture

Welcome to Friday Beers Blog #9! This is the ninth brew in our blog series. While we don’t want to jinx the summer or anything, today we are taking a look at New Holland’s Cabin Fever Brown Ale.

< strong style="background-color: transparent;">Beverage: Cabin Fever American Brown Ale

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Brewed in: New Holland Brewing Company – Grand Rapids, Michigan

ABV: 6.50%

Beer rating: 62

Our review: For those of us who live where winter sticks around for what feels like an eternity, Cabin Fever American Brown Ale will strike a chord. It’s as if New Holland Brewery understands how long, disabling winters can make even the most steadfast mind feel a bit stir-crazy. You can still enjoy this beer if you come from a place where sporadic white stuff is considered “pretty”. With its roast-y qualities, Cabin Fever is like the medium for your psychic trip to the great white North. Is that sympathy or empathy?

Why we like it: Its label. The name “Cabin Fever” tied in with a rather eerie image of a cabin in the woods can activate minor traumas placed upon you by horror movies. “Cabin Fever” < em>(2002 Film)< /em> + “Cabin in the Woods < em>(2012 Film)< /em> = scary thoughts of Jack Nicholson from “The Shining” < em>(1980 Film)< /em>. We are kind of horror movie junkies over here, so the whole cabin in the woods vibe we were getting from the label had us pretty hyped!

Why we don’t like it: Unrealistic expectations of a cozy cabin in the woods. Who is honestly going to take a six pack four miles into the mountains, chop wood, build a fire, wait for the cabin to heat up, roast chestnuts, and drink this beer? Okay, maybe the chestnuts are unnecessary. Either way, the cabin on that label seems like a distant dream.

Pairs well with: Large roaring fires and heated blankets, polar vortices, carmelized onions, and making it to the post office by 4:59 PM. Are you thinking a recipe for caramelized onions would be great right about now we thought that too, enjoy!