“How to Handle the Holiday Season When You’re a Remote Employee”

11.28.18 | Company Culture, Employee Wellness

Working from home has its benefits, like staying in your pajamas all day, less fill-ups at the gas station, and avoiding awkward company get-togethers. These sorts of activities typically ramp up during the holiday season, and as a remote employee, it can be tempting to think you don’t have to attend any of these events either. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.


The holidays provide a unique way to help connect a telecommuter with the rest of the office. Instead of ignoring all the emails and invites, consider these suggestions to help you handle the holiday season as a remote employee.

Go to the parties

This is one of the few opportunities you have every year to network with your co-workers and this face time is important. When you know someone beyond just an email or extension, it creates a better work experience. A few hours of networking can foster a better sense of teamwork for the coming year.

If you live out of state and you’re invited, ask about travel expenses being covered and decide if it’s something that’s manageable. You can spend a few days working from the office and seeing your co-workers which can be helpful.

Do the gift exchange

Even if you don’t know everyone well, doing the gift exchange is an easy way to feel like you’re a part of the team and remind those in the office that you’re an engaged team member. Plus, it can help build connections through the conversations you’ll have around your gift and the one you received.

Send cards

A quick holiday card sent to your supervisor and teammates is a simple way to be a part of the team.

Keep to the office schedule

When you work from home, you have unique opportunities to cut out a little early and adapt your schedule to your life depending on your responsibilities. This is a temptation for everyone around the holidays, but they don’t have all the same flexibility as you. Instead of taking these liberties, be respectful of all the employees. With this, make sure you know when the holiday time off is, so you’re not working while everyone is home.

Give yourself the gift of a new job

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