“Monday Coffee Blogs: Drip Coffee”

07.23.18 | Company Culture

Intro: Happy start to another work week, it’s Monday Coffee Blogs! We can hardly believe it’s Monday again, but on the bright side, it means we got some good coffee. This week we went to Drip to enjoy chai lattes that gave us the power to say “let’s do this Monday!”

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Coffee Shop: Drip Coffee

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Drink: Chai Latte

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Our Review: Chai soothes the soul, so we figured there wasn’t anything better to relieve a stressful Monday that this sweet, velvety beverage. If you’ve been following this blog but aren’t a huge coffee fan you’ve probably been feeling a little left out, but not today! A chai latte is a perfect drink for the non-coffee lover. This brew is like jazz music, not like that horrible elevator music but real jazz like Miles Davis and Duke Ellington. Drinking a chai latte could best be described as meeting Beyonce, everything you could ever imagine and more. So much more.

< br>Job Numbers: It’s time to retake a closer look at wages since we’ve covered the unemployment rate and job creation stats for the past month. This month, we studied the average minimum wage rates in each of the states we serve.

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https://www.michigan.gov/lara/0,4601,7-154-11407_32352-140972–,00.html< /p>

https://www.minimum-wage.org/texas< /p>

https://www.minimum-wage.org/indiana< /p>

https://www.minimum-wage.org/south-carolina< /p>

https://www.minimum-wage.org/georgia< /p>

So again we noticed that wages have not grown substantially even though unemployment is the lowest it’s been in decades. We had to ask ourselves why and came up with a few reasons why. One reason is the workforce has more inexperienced workers entering it than experienced workers, so their wages are lower than those who have been in an industry for years. A second reason is, outside of Michigan, the federal minimum wage rate has not increased since 2009. Job seekers and employers have both had to find ways to deal with lower wages. Job seekers should keep an open mind when it comes to a rate of pay being offered to them because many employers have found other benefits and perks to offer employees to leverage lower pay.