“No Sunday Scaries Here! 4 Stress-Relieving Tips to Start Your Week”

10.31.18 | Company Culture, Employee Wellness

No Sunday Scaries Here! 4 Stress-Relieving Tips to Start Your WeekLeaving the weekend behind might mean saying goodbye to relaxation and peace, and hello to stress and headaches. You want to start the week strong, but already you feel the pressure sneaking in, and you can’t wait until it’s Friday again. Instead of increasing your anxiety through your dread of starting the work week, consider these four ways to reduce your stress,

1. Meditate and Breathe

When the thoughts of what you need to do start to slip into your brain, focus on pushing them away. By focusing your mind on the task ahead, instead of every little responsibility, you will be calmer and perform better. The easiest ways to remain calm are to meditate and breathe. Take a minute to pause, slow your breathing, and focus on what you need to get done right now.

Taking ten deep breaths alone can be enough to help calm and focus your thinking and allow you to continue working without feeling out of control.

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2. Exercise

Life gets busy and frequently working out is one of the first activities that gets dropped. Because of its benefits, it should remain a priority even when every time slot starts filling up. The 20 minutes you spend exercising are 20 minutes for you. It can boost endorphins and provide more energy for you to get everything done.

3. Slow Down

Arriving at your desk on a Monday morning might seem more like getting to the front lines than starting work. You have three days of emails, messages, and concerns that have piled up, and you dive right into everything.

Rather than launching yourself into work, take time to start your day. Begin by giving yourself enough time to get ready in the morning without rushing to work. Eat breakfast and do an activity you enjoy. Once you arrive, maintain the mindset of slowing down. This feeling of calm can help keep the stress away throughout your week.

4. Practice Gratitude

In the midst of a busy schedule, blessings start to feel like obligations. To remember everything you have, make a point to write five things you’re grateful for every morning. Even if they’re areas of stress, write them down to help you remember, despite the work, they are a gift. When things become overwhelming, this practice can help keep you focused on what actually matters.

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