Take a Load Off This Summer and Show Your Employees How to Have Some Fun!

07.19.19 | Company Culture

In today’s world, employee appreciation is one of the key factors to decreasing turnover and increasing employee satisfaction. Your team wants to be recognized for their hard work, and summer is the perfect time to let them know how valued they are. While these suggestions can work all year round, try taking a load off this summer and show your team how to have some fun!

Get out of the office

Having a staff lunch to recognize accomplishments in the office is appreciated but taking them off-site is even better. By taking them out of their environment, you’re encouraging them to relax a little bit more and enjoy themselves instead of constantly thinking about going back to their desks. Plus, a midday change of scenery that happens to fall on a beautiful summer day can make even the grumpiest employee smile.

Have more parties

Even better, make them themed. Keep celebrating birthdays but try to step up your game with fun decorations and props. Depending on your office culture, you can throw an impromptu ‘It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere’ meeting or maybe just a surprise ice cream sundae bar. No matter what you do, find fun ways to celebrate your staff’s accomplishments this summer.

Create Olympics-style competitions

The Summer Olympics might be a year away, but you can bring the festivities to your office right now. Find ways to turn everyday tasks into Olympic events and create teams to compete as your countries. By having a board to track your progress with a prize at the end that’s more than a medal, you can create a friendly rivalry that inspires your team to work harder and enjoy it even more.

Spend a day volunteering

Volunteering is important, and by taking your team out of the office for a day to serve, you’re giving them the chance to do good while having an adult field trip of sorts. Beyond the benefits for your team, you can earn the goodwill of your community by showing you’re passionate about giving back.

Bring your pets to work day

This one might not work in every office due to phobias and allergies, but it may be everyone’s favorite day depending on your culture. If your team meets a milestone or completes a major project, consider letting them bring in their pets to the office for a day. Granted, certain behavioral rules need to be in place, but summer is the perfect time because at lunch everyone can take their pets for a walk together.

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