“Talking Points You Should Avoid at the Warehouse Water Cooler”

04.18.18 | Company Culture, General Labor

When you spend most of your life at work, connecting with your co-workers can make the experience a little more pleasant. Certain topics are commonplace, like sports or weather, because they’re rarely controversial and most will have something to offer in conversation.

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This camaraderie is excellent, but keep in mind, not every topic is work appropriate. You know your relationships and whom you view as friends, but standard workplace talk should be casual and non-consequential. For some guidance, here are some talking points you should avoid at the warehouse water cooler.


The political climate is never safe to discuss, which has become increasingly true within the past few years. Everyone has an opinion, and many of those opinions are firmly held. Avoiding political discussions will prevent unnecessary conflict. To be clear, some level of chatter surrounding current events is normal, but taking it beyond situational information and into political opinion can negatively affect relationships and make the working environment uncomfortable.


This is a polite way to say don’t talk about your sexual encounters on the job. More than just the awkwardness and likelihood no one wants to hear about it, you risk a sexual harassment charge based on what you say.

Career Goals

Warehouse water cooler banter is not like talking to a close confidant. Telling someone about what you want to achieve may cause the word to spread up the ladder and supervisors to feel as though you aren’t loyal to them or the company. Even if this isn’t the case, gossip tends to spread like wildfire, so it’s better to keep those conversations private.


Like politics, this can be a very alienating issue. You don’t have to avoid your faith in the workplace, and your co-workers might know what you believe, but there’s a difference between them knowing and you seeming to force it upon them. Wait until you’re asked specific questions before offering input related to your religion.

Personal Struggles

It doesn’t matter if it’s health, family or relationships, your co-workers are not your therapists. These things might be weighing heavily on you, but your place of work is not the right time or place to discuss these things. If your problems begin to affect your work, discussing them with HR or your supervisor may become appropriate because it’s relevant to the company.

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