“Turning Up the Heat on Your Company Culture”

05.23.18 | Company Culture

The arrival of summer always causes a shift in an office. Employees become more restless as the days get warmer and longer. In some cases, this can even create a decrease in productivity as business tends to slow during the summer. Rather than accepting summer as a slow period, try these tips to embrace summer in your office and turn up the heat on your company culture.

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< h3>Stock the Fridge With Light Snacks< /h3>

In the winter, comfort foods reign supreme as everyone seeks to escape from the frigid air. When summer rolls around, embrace the opposite in your kitchen and provide snacks that reflect the weather outside. Fruit, yogurt, and popsicles are all easy and delicious ways to keep your team motivated and happy.

< h3>Plan Ice Cream Days and Barbeques< /h3>

Ice cream and barbecues are almost synonymous with summer, so why not bring that energy into your business? Planning special days like this will give your team something to look forward to and help them have a little summer fun even when they have to work. They’ll appreciate the small breaks and time you put into preparing these appreciation events for them.

< h3>Schedule Outside Activities< /h3>

Team-building activities are always helpful and the summer months provide ample opportunities. If you have training scheduled, try to find a location away from your office for a change of scenery. Outside ropes courses are excellent ways to get your team outside and promote trust. Sports< /strong> are another easy and exciting way to energize your team. You can merely have a volleyball afternoon for everyone to get outside or organize a softball team in a league to represent your organization.

< h3>Encourage Flex Scheduling< /h3>

Instead of enforcing your standard 9 to 5, consider the idea of flex scheduling, where employees can come in earlier and subsequently leave earlier, giving them more time to enjoy the summer weather. Your specific industry may inhibit this kind of schedule, but if possible, it’s an excellent option for your team. It shows you understand the value of giving them more time outside.

< h3>Try a More Casual Dress Code< /h3>

Similar to flex scheduling, if your business involves many client meetings you want to make sure your employees are dressed appropriately. If you are able, slacking a little bit on the dress code (within reason) might make your team more comfortable and happier in the summer months. Instead of suits and ties, you can permit khakis and appropriate tees.

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