Don’t Let a Bad Monday Ruin Your Week!

07.10.19 | Employee Wellness

There’s a familiar dread you may have experienced as Sunday rolls on. Early in the day it still feels like the weekend, but soon you can’t deny the brutal truth that tomorrow is Monday and you have to go to work. Even when you resolve to make it a good day, sometimes Monday will still get the best of you. When this happens, here are five ways to turn your day around before it ruins the whole week.

Take a walk

This can happen while you’re still at work or after the day has ended. Allowing yourself some time to literally move away from it all and refocus can help you put whatever happened behind and take into the next day in a better mood with a more optimistic attitude.

Vent it out

While too much complaining and negativity can make a situation worse, the right amount of venting can take the frustration off your shoulders. The simple act of explaining what happened and having someone listen can be therapeutic so you aren’t trapped in your thoughts all day, slowly growing more and more agitated.

Give yourself a break to laugh

The Internet is full of amazing videos meant to make you laugh, and one of them is sure to be the solution to your case of the Mondays. Not only is laughter the best medicine, but it also takes your mind off of what’s happening and allows you to calm down and enjoy yourself.

Don’t work too hard

When you’re at work, you need to do your job, but try focusing on tasks that don’t require too much effort. You can’t avoid what’s time sensitive, but you can take your Monday a little easier if you aren’t trying to solve every problem at once. By planning a calmer day to ease you into the week, you might find more success moving forward.

Be grateful

Even if everything is going wrong now, it doesn’t mean you don’t still have good in your life. Take a break and right a list of reasons you’re grateful. By counting your blessings, it takes your mind off of what’s wrong and redirects your thoughts to all the good you have.

An employment agency with you in mind

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