“Easily Avoidable Health and Safety Threats”

03.22.18 | Employee Wellness

Everyday life is filled with risks, some avoidable and many not. The slightest error can cause entire systems to break and crash, and one misplaced item can cause injury and mayhem in any workplace. In a work environment, each profession brings its share of potential hazards.

These hazards range from minor accidents to the truly devastating, and everything in between. It’s important to recognize these threats and address concerns before they evolve into anything more. To make sure your business continues to remain accident-free, identify and address these easily avoidable health and safety threats.

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< h3>< strong style="background-color: transparent;">Falls< /h3>

Falling is something that can happen anywhere, but industries like landscaping and construction see higher levels of fatalities than others. While accidents without blame play a significant role in fall injuries and fatalities, it can also come down to improper equipment or training. Make sure all new employees understand the various risks and how to avoid them and use precautions with equipment like guardrails when feasible.

Falling objects are another primary cause of fatalities and injuries. Monitor the stacking and organization of warehouses and storerooms to ensure there is nothing unsteady that could be easily bumped and cause a tragedy.

< h3>Toxic Events< /h3>

Asbestos used to be one of the biggest killers of blue-collar workers, but it isn’t the only toxic element faced on the job. Gas and chemical leaks remain common issues that plague workers, but more strides are being taken to monitor for employee safety. For example, natural gas is mandated to have an odor, so it is identifiable, and carbon monoxide detectors are growing in popularity.

< h3>Spread of Illness< /h3>

Germs love a good breeding ground, and your workplace could be the perfect place for one person’s illness to become a widespread problem. You can’t stop people from working closely together, but you can put measures in place to help keep environments as clean as possible. Signs in restrooms reminding employees to wash their hands are essential but don’t forget about easily accessible hand sanitizer stations around your facility. This quick and easy option can help stop illness.

< h3>Find employees who value safety with Workbox Staffing< /h3>

Your greatest defense against health and safety threats are the people you employ. You want a team that understands the risks and is dedicated to doing things the right way to prevent accidents. Make sure you’re hiring the right people by working with Workbox Staffing. We know you want more than just a body – you want a performer. We put our employees through an exhaustive evaluation process to make sure you’re getting the best. Learn more about Workbox Staffing today!