“Should You Be Updating Your Warehouse’s Leadership Style?”

06.12.18 | General Labor

Just because it used to work doesn’t mean it always will. At one point, maybe your warehouse ran so well you didn’t even need to think about it. Now, however, you’re noticing a pattern of issues that keep arising. You’ve had the same people in charge, but something has changed.

Leadership isn’t a static quality – it’s constantly changing and evolving just like trends and behaviors in the world. To be an effective leader, it’s important to update styles to meet your team where they are, instead of trying the same thing you’ve always done. If things aren’t working anymore, consider these reasons why maybe it’s time to update your warehouse’s leadership style.

1. It’s complacent.

You talk to your supervisor or foreman and can see their complete lack of concern. To them, everything is still OK and they’re not looking to improve their efforts. It’s likely this attitude may even spread to the warehouse workers, causing a reduction in passion and productivity. Because complacency can be a virus to your organization, it’s important to always be aware of it and fight it through new initiatives and leaders who motivate.

2. Bad decisions are being made.

Instead of consulting with others or working to problem solve an issue, those in charge are simply making decisions that seem right. Without the proper consultation, these choices have backfired and caused more problems than you had before. They defend themselves by saying that’s how it’s always been, and that’s all they know.

Leadership is all about collaboration and recognizing you don’t have all the answers. If your team is convinced they don’t need help, it might be time to find new people willing to listen.

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3. You hear rumors of selfishness.

Instead of focusing on the team effort, your supervisors seem only concerned with their own advancement. In front of you they seem like engaged leaders, but when you’re away their goal to move up without regard to anyone else is abundantly clear.

While aspiration is a good quality, leading your people and making them feel like their time is also important. Before someone can advance, they need to show what they can do at the level they’re at. When they spend all their time putting others down in an effort to raise themselves up, you can expect issues with leadership.

4. Nothing is changing.

At the end of the day, you speak to them about these problems and you don’t see any resolution. This can be the biggest indication that it’s the right time to change things up to help your company continue to succeed.

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