Do You Have These Skills and Qualities to Become a Successful Machinist

06.26.19 | General Labor

Becoming a machinist isn’t something you decide on a whim. In this role, you’re responsible for all the parts of advanced machining operations without the assistance of anyone else, meaning you need to be an expert. This is achieved through tech school and an apprenticeship that will require more than 575 hours of training and 8,000 hours of on-the-job of manual machining.

Before you begin this journey, check out the skills and qualities needed to see if you could be a successful machinist.

Attention to Detail

As a machinist, you will often need to work with different engineering parts that vary in size by only a hundredth of a millimeter. You’ll have to spend time carefully locating all the parts you need and producing what you do not have. Because of these factors, you need the patience to do the job right and pay attention to the smallest details.

Quick Learner

Tools change all the time, and as a machinist, you need to be able to properly handle and operate all the former, current and latest tools because you never know what the job may require. With technology changing every day, you need to be ready to learn something new and apply it quickly and effectively.

Problem Solving

Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines are growing in popularity because they reduce time and increase quality, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need humans, too. As a CNC machinist, you have to know how to use the equipment, make the plans necessary to complete the project, read the illustrations and blueprints that are produced, and fix any issues that arise.

Dedicated to Craftmanship

It’s also the job of a machinist to look for and notice errors in both parts and equipment, so they can be used correctly. Because a machinist knows their job and role so well, they can suggest better practices to improve company production and productivity.

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