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Many people are asking: why should I use a staffing agency to find a job?” And we don’t blame them. Using a staffing agency can seem like a roundabout way to find a job, especially when there are so many “easy” and “automatic” ways to apply for jobs online. However, most services that promise “instant” results are missing important elements crucial to any job hunt: hard work and a personal touch. That’s why Workbox Staffing offers a local and personalized approach to your job search. 

Workbox Staffing is Local 

The first reason to use Workbox Staffing to find a job is because we’re local. We know where to look for the best jobs and who is hiring in your area. We’ve built connections within many local industries and our recruiters are ready to find you a job that matches your skills and experience. Each one of our locations is a physical office where you can come in, say hello, and talk with us about what kind of job you’re interested in. Our recruiters take time to get to know you and your goals before setting out to find you the perfect position. 

It’s Free For Job Seekers 

We don’t charge you for submitting an application or surprise you with hidden fees. Workbox Staffing is free for job seekers and always will be. Employers looking to hire come to us for qualified employees and we connect them with you! We match those searching for a job with those looking to hire. The more matches we can make, the happier everyone is.

We Get Things Done 

Not only do we build connections within our local area, we believe there’s a job for everyone. Even with the U.S. unemployment rate at an all-time low, there are still plenty of jobs for those looking to work. As a staffing agency, it’s our job to find you work, and this is a responsibility we take seriously. Our recruiters and other supporting staff are a group of highly motivated people who love to get things done. If you’re looking for a job, we’ll get you where you need to go.  

We’ve Got Your Back 

Another reason to choose Workbox Staffing is that we know how stressful finding a job can be. We’ve all been there. Our recruiters understand your frustrations and can speak to many of the challenges you face. Don’t worry, we know that job hunting can be overwhelming and even downright terrifying. That’s why we’re always ready to answer your questions and give advice. We’re an honest and down-to-earth group of people who don’t waste time talking about what we should do—we actually roll up our sleeves and get to work. 

We Keep Your Resume Out of the Black Hole  

Have you ever heard of the resume “black hole”? It’s something that often happens to job seekers when using the big online job boards. At first glance, these sites may seem like a great option for finding a job, but in reality, there are so many job seekers using the platform it’s unlikely you’ll ever hear back on an application. Here’s just how big some of these sites actually are:

  • Monster boasts that there are 29 new resumes uploaded per minute. That equals 7.6 new resumes per year!
  • Indeed says they have 150 million resumes on file, and 250 million monthly visitors.  
  • ZipRecuiter has 7 million active job seekers per month, and 40 million job alert email subscribers. 

Why Use Workbox Staffing to Find a Job?

At Workbox Staffing, we don’t put your resume in a drawer or store it away for a rainy day. We actively look for jobs that match your qualifications and put your application in front of employers. When you’re looking for a job, it’s all about who you know. And luckily, you know us! We’re the extra boost you need when you don’t know what to do next. We’re here to help you get back to work. Get your job search started the right way with Workbox Staffing. Give us a call or stop by one of our locations today! 

It being easier to get a job when you already have a job is more than just a saying, it’s a fact. A company wants to hire the best talent available, which usually means he or she is committed elsewhere given their skills. Exceptions exist, but overall applying while employed makes you more marketable.

The actionable side of this, however, makes matters more difficult. In most cases, you won’t tell your current employer you’re looking elsewhere, which means you need to tread carefully through your search. Here’s how to maneuver through job searching when you still have a job.

Keep your LinkedIn Updated

Neglecting your LinkedIn can be an immediate giveaway when your job search begins. It’s important to take time regularly to update everything so there isn’t a suspicious amount of changes when you re-enter your job search. An employer may notice a better presence online and be alerted to your actions.

Keep It on the Low

Even if you have a close work friend, you should make sure no one is aware at work. All it takes is one rumor to spread that alerts the entire office and can cause bridges to burn. Depending on your reason for leaving and your relationship with your supervisor, you might tell them. When you’re applying and interviewing, leave off current co-workers as references and ask that your current employer not be contacted.

Keep It Positive

Inevitably you will be asked in an interview why you’re leaving your current employer. You might be having a terrible experience, but you can’t express it that way to the prospective employer. Work out your response ahead of time so you’re ready to answer the question gracefully and move on. A lack of preparation might mean you ramble, leading to more negative thoughts that ultimately reflect poorly on you.

Keep it Out of Your Office Time

As eager as you are to find a new job, don’t spend your days at work searching and applying for new positions. Similarly, try and schedule your interviews out of work hours. This way, your behavior isn’t suggesting potential changes.

Keep Focused

As you look toward your next venture, it can be easy to lose sight of what you’re currently doing. When this happens, you can become unfocused at work and ultimately leave on worse terms than you intended based on performance. You can’t predict how long the job search will take, so make sure you’re still focused at your current job.

It’s Time to Empower Yourself for a Better Tomorrow.

When you’re ready to take the next step in your job search, trust Workbox Staffing. We take our unique approach and offer you more than what you can expect from other staffing agencies. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help empower you and boost your career. Search our jobs online, give us a call, or visit us in any of our offices.

man standing with briefcase hoping to make a good impression

Some people say it only takes a second to form first impressions. Other experts claim you have up to 27 seconds to wow the crowd. Either way, that’s not a lot of time to put your best foot forward in a new workplace. Thankfully, we’ve put together some tips for making the best impression possible when starting a new job.

Preparation Is Key For First Impressions

Before you arrive, think about what you want to accomplish. Visualizing your objective is a great way to mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead. Do you just want to “get through the day” or do you want to leave a positive impression on your boss and new co-workers? Picturing or verbalizing your objective is like an archer who envisions the target before even drawing back the arrow. Even something as simple as positive thinking can reduce stress and help you feel more confident about meeting new people.

Be On Time

No matter what, arriving on time always makes great first impressions! Being on time (or early) shows your new employer that you are ready to make your new job a success. Try to arrive at least 15 minutes early. This gives you a cushion in case you run into traffic and gives you time to settle into your new work environment and prepare for the day ahead.

If something comes up that will make you late, always call your new employer to let them know. Most people are understanding about lost keys, flat tires, and other emergencies. Just don’t use an “emergency” as a catch-all excuse for sleeping late or anything else that may come up.

Make Eye Contact and Smile

Body language is a huge component of first impressions. Negative signals like avoiding eye contact and not smiling communicate you don’t want to be there and that you don’t care about your new job. Even if you’re nervous or distracted by things in your personal life, make an effort to show that you are engaged and present in the moment.

Pay Attention (And Ask Questions!)

Be attentive during training. Give the task and your trainer your full attention. And don’t be afraid to ask questions. Thoughtful questions are a signal that you’re actively processing information and engaged in learning.

Ask What Else You Can Do

Employers love to see initiative! If you have extra time, make sure to ask what else needs to be done. This shows that you’re not only excited about your position, but that you will also contribute to the overall success of the company.

Talk To People

Don’t be shy. The quickest way to get to know people is to talk to them. Ask them about themselves, listen, and have conversations. If you want to know how to succeed in your new workplace, ask co-workers some questions like:

  • What are some common mistakes new employees make?
  • What wasn’t covered in training that would be helpful to know on the job?
  • What parts of this job do you find most difficult?

Make The Best Impression By Being Yourself

Most importantly, be yourself! The absolute worst way to settle into a new workplace is to pretend to be someone you’re not. Start off on the right foot with your boss and co-workers by being genuine and honest about yourself and your interests. You should always be open to learning new things, but don’t pretend to like Lacrosse just because your boss played in high school.

Get Hired With Workbox Staffing!

Have you been looking for a new job, but not having any luck? Let us help you out! Our unique approach to staffing means that we are able to quickly find jobs to match your skills and experience. Our recruiters are ready to help make your job search a success! Check out our online job board to visit one of our offices to get started.

Jumping back into the job search can be a little intimidating. It doesn’t matter if it’s been months or years since you last jumped in – the waters of opportunity are murky. There are thousands of jobs swirling around, meaning you need to navigate to the right one and then do your best to get noticed in a sea of other candidates.

Don’t worry, we have good news. There’s a way to make everything easier for you that can deliver even better results. Here are five benefits to working with a staffing agency during your job search.

1. You’re not in it alone.

The job search doesn’t have to be you in front of a computer every day hoping for the best. Instead of going at your search alone, your recruiter will work with you day by day to search for and present opportunities that fit your skills, interests, and experiences. They guide you through the process to give you the best chance of getting hired and never leave you feeling neglected.

2. Specific to your career.

You’re not a ‘one size fits all’ employee that can step into any void, and the right employment agency isn’t either. Recruiters fall in specialties, just like you, meaning you can find an agency that knows your industry. With knowledge of what you do and the field you work in, a recruiter can find the right openings for you.

3. Insider knowledge.

More than just partnering with you, your staffing agency will have insider knowledge to positions that aren’t publicly promoted. They spend years and years building relationships with clients so that when a position opens up, they’re the first to know and trusted to find the perfect person for the role.

4. Leverage connections.

Considering the fact that your recruiter has insider knowledge also means they may have some pull. Rather than firing off a resume into the void, a staffing agency may have a relationship with a company where they can speak directly to the hiring managers on your behalf.

5. Work toward your goals.

Most importantly, as your partner in the job search, a recruiter will get to know you and what you want out of your career. They won’t simply look at your resume and find jobs based on what’s listed. They’ll talk to you about it, as well as what you want to do and what you want to achieve. In building this relationship, they’re learning everything they can to make sure you’re getting the most out of your career.

An employment agency with you in mind.

If all this sounds good, look no further than Workbox Staffing. We’re a staffing agency changing expectations because we’re all about the personal experience. This means we aren’t your typical corporate types, but we deliver on our promise. Our simple process involves pairing you with a personalized career coach who helps find the job that’s perfect for you. Request a call today to get started.

Looking for the perfect job for you is great until you realize you don’t have the relevant experience the company is looking for in the posting. In fact, all your dream occupations seem to require opportunities you haven’t had yet. You know what they’re looking for, and you know you can do the job, but how can you make them consider what you have to offer? Here are three suggestions for what to do when you don’t have much relevant job experience.

Begin with a spot-on cover letter.

This is usually read before the resume and can be your chance to explain exactly why you should be considered, despite how your experience reads. Make sure it’s enthusiastic, personable, and well-written, so it gets noticed in the sea of applications.

Use the space to talk briefly about your background and tie in the position to your skills and passions. This is your chance to make it past the initial barrier, which means you need to write a convincing letter that entices them to learn more about you.

Break down your skills.

Even if your experiences don’t match the job, there are skills you’ve taken away that can be applied. Obviously, you think you can do the job, now show it. Your irrelevant experience can be transformed into learning opportunities that provided you with the skills needed to take on this role.

There are different schools of through on structure, including highlighting previously positions in chronological order with the skills listed beneath each or listing the skills as the focus with the experience as support. Whatever you choose, take the time to do it right. You don’t want to rush your dreams for the sake of getting it done.

Look beyond your paid employment.

Maybe your career didn’t have corresponding experiences, but what about your personal life? What have you done academically or as a volunteer? In situations like this, it’s important to show both your experience and relevant work outside of the job. This can help you look more well-rounded as well as more qualified for the position.

A staffing agency changing expectations.

The recruiters at Workbox Staffing are dedicated to offering personalized experiences to our candidates. This means we never look at your job history and assume that’s what you have to offer. We take the time to get to know you and your skills, and then use our expertise to guide you through the placement process. Contact a recruiter from Workbox near you to get started today!

Job interviews bring a range of emotions, from being ecstatic for getting it scheduled to terrified of going through with it. The days leading up to it can be filled with both preparations and anxiety. While you consider your outfit and your answers, try these three ways to mentally prepare yourself for your next interview.

Rid yourself of the negative.

It’s common in your worry to be overcome with negative thoughts and emotions. Your self-talk can turn from encouragement to doubt, telling you there’s no way you’re good enough to get the job. The level of intensity can vary, but if your brain is telling you anything that will hold you back, you need to get rid of it.

Whether you decide to journal out the negativity and confront it that way or speak them aloud to a trusted friend or counselor, make sure they aren’t simply brewing in your head. The longer you listen, the more you might start to believe, making you defeated before you even show up to be interviewed.

Practice makes perfect.

You can’t know what the interview will hold, but you can try to visualize it in practice. Use your past experiences and resources from the internet to assemble a mock interview structure, either mentally or on paper. Run through it and practice until you feel prepared.

In doing this, you’re giving yourself a sense of control over a situation you can’t control. You’ll become more confident in your answers and feel like you’re walking into something you’ve done before when you enter the interview room.

Try and relax.

Ultimately, you need to find ways to help you calm down. All the practice and ridding yourself of the negative in the world can’t save you if you can into the interview as a jumble of nerves. Being prepared helps, but it can’t erase the stress and anxiety from being in the situation.

Focus on your breathing and practice new techniques that can calm you down when the anxiety levels begin to build. This way, you’ve practiced techniques that work, and you can carry them confidently into the interview.

Take the next step in your job search.

Before you can nail the interview, you need to find the right job! Workbox Staffing is here to help. Our unique approach to staffing means we offer more than the other companies and can help place you in the office, warehouse, manufacturing, and light industrial jobs perfect for you. Search our job board today to see the available opportunities!

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We’re the first to admit: the concept of a staffing agency can be a bit confusing. Our recruiters hire employees to work for someone else. Often, those employees are hired full-time and we have to say good-bye (happy tears). Sometimes our employees come back to us and we quickly find them another position. There are times we act as an HR department, handling lots of paperwork and training, and other times we only see our employees for a short time before they head off to work. These changing details have given rise to quite a few staffing agency myths. Here are the most common ones:

Myth: Employees have to pay staffing agencies a fee.

This is probably the most common question we hear.

“How much does it cost to apply for a job through Workbox Staffing?”

The answer: absolutely nothing! We don’t charge employees a dime. It’s free to apply, and free to get a job. Companies looking to hire come to us for qualified employees. Our job is to find the best candidates for their open positions. We match those searching for a job with those looking to hire. The more matches we can make, the happier everyone is.

Myth: Staffing agency jobs are only temporary or part-time positions.

Another common myth is that staffing agencies only hire for temporary positions. While some jobs start out as a temporary placement, there are many companies that hire Workbox Staffing employees as full-time team members. According to statistics from the American Staffing Association, over one-third of staffing employees are offered permanent positions after working as a temp. Additionally, most workers employed through a staffing agency (76%) work full-time positions, which is not much less than the overall workforce (82%). One of our goals as a staffing agency is to help candidates advance their careers and find jobs they love.

Myth: Temporary positions are a waste of time.

Part two of the previous myth is that temporary positions are a waste of time. In reality, there are many advantages to temp positions including: learning new skills, gaining experience, trying out different careers, and building up your resume. Nine out of ten said that working with a staffing agency made them more employable.

Myth: Staffing agency employees are job hoppers.

This is a common concern we hear from employees and employers alike. Most people looking for work want to find worthwhile jobs that pay well. They don’t want to jump from job to job. Additionally, most employers are looking for reliable workers who will stick around and get the job done. It’s not ideal for them to hire someone that’s there one day and gone the next. Recruiters at Workbox Staffing carefully assess each applicant in order to find the most reliable employees. We want our employees to be happy with their new jobs, which makes for more reliable workers who want to stick around.

Myth: It’s time-consuming to get a job through a staffing agency.

It’s true that more traditional hiring methods take a while to find quality candidates. When posting to an online job board, it takes anywhere from 30 to 100 days to fill a position. Of course, this depends on the industry, but even being short-staffed for a month isn’t ideal for any company.

Recruiters at Workbox Staffing fill positions quickly and efficiently. We even handle things like pre-employment tests, drug screenings, and background checks, in order to make things as hassle-free as possible. We’ve learned a thing or two in our 20 plus years of experience and we are dedicated to understanding the needs of both our employees and our clients.

Myth: Staffing agencies don’t care about employee satisfaction.

This may be true for some staffing agencies, but not us. Our professional recruiters take time with every applicant to learn about their work interests, goals, and skills. We also track developing skills and experience, as well as personal likes and dislikes about work experience. In short, we do everything we can to make sure a placement is successful.

One last myth: All staffing agencies are the same.

Workbox Staffing is not your typical staffing agency. Ever since our doors first opened in 1997, we have rivaled (and even outshone) larger, national staffing companies. Our personality is very much down-to-earth, and thanks to our energetic team and efficient process, we know how to get the job done. We’ve built a strong network of hiring companies, allowing us to offer jobs across most industries and ensuring that we have something for everyone. Apply with Workbox or request employees today!

man sitting at a desk

Congratulations, you’ve just received a job offer. But…there are still little butterflies of doubt in your stomach. How can you be sure that this offer is “the one” you’ve been waiting for? There are many factors to consider when considering a new position, so we’ve put together a list of questions to ask before accepting a new job.

Confirm The Basics

1. When do you need my answer?

Find out how much time you have to make a decision. A day? A week? Once you have a timeline, tell the hiring manager that you are considering their offer and that you will have an answer by a certain day or time. Don’t take too much time, though. The position isn’t going to be open forever, and if they have to wait on you they might decide to go with someone else.

2. What is my salary?

Depending on the position, the salary could be listed in the job description. Still, it’s good practice to confirm how much the job pays. It could be an important factor in your decision if the salary isn’t competitive.

3. What is my job title?

Again, this is something that should be listed in the job description. It’s always good to confirm. The last thing you want is to be hired for a position you didn’t know you applied for.

4. Who is my supervisor?

It’s good to know right off the bat who you’re accountable to and who can answer questions during your first few days on the job. Your relationship with your supervisor can make or break any job. Do your best to get off on the right foot.

5. How do personal days and sick days work?

What if a family emergency comes up and you have to miss work? You don’t want to find out later that you aren’t allotted any personal days. Some organizations require a doctor’s note before you can take a sick day. Of course, you can’t plan for family emergencies or getting sick, but knowing these details ahead of time means you don’t have to worry about figuring it out last minute.

6. When would I start and what is my schedule?

Don’t leave any detail to figure out later. Confirm your start day and what time your shift starts. Missing your first day is a bad first impression on your co-workers.

Questions For Job Success

7. What is the training timeline?

You need to know about how much time training will take and what’s involved. This way, you can keep yourself on track and evaluate your own progress. Shortening the time to overall competency will make a great impression on your supervisors and managers.

9. What do my everyday responsibilities look like?

Before you accept the job, you should know what your responsibilities will be. Benjamin Franklin had something simple, yet profound to say about preparation: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing for failure.” Read the job description and ask questions during the interview. Make sure you know what you’re getting into. This will help you prepare more fully for your new position and give you a head start on making this opportunity a success.

8. How is my success evaluated?

Avoid further confusion by asking what a “successful” day looks like for someone in your position. Is it packing a certain number of orders? Helping customers find what they’re looking for? Find out how success is measured and do your best to exceed those expectations.

10. What are the biggest challenges for people starting out in my role?

If you’ve already got your eye on a promotion, this is a great strategic question. This will give you a preview of the common pitfalls and help you avoid them.

11. What’s the company culture like?

Your new job should be a place where you can fit in and support the company’s values. Does the company make an effort to be responsible with their resources and give back to the community? At the very least, you want to work for a company that’s stable and will be able to keep you employed.

12. What opportunities are available for growth?

The question on every temp worker’s mind… can I turn this position into a long term career? Many times, the answer is yes! Asking this question before you accept the job lets your employer know that you’re on the lookout for a long term position. And hopefully, they’ll be able to tell from all the other questions you asked that you are ready and willing to work hard to succeed.

Find Your Next Job With Workbox Staffing!

Here at Workbox Staffing, we know that finding a new job can be stressful. We’re here to make your job search as simple and stress-free as possible. We’re not your typical employment agency. Our professional recruiters take time to understand your skills, your goals, and your personality. We make sure the job is the right fit before it’s offered. Apply today, and find your next job!

When you’re thinking about a new career, consider becoming an assembler. Essentially, it’s your job to put together different parts of a product, whether it’s the whole final version or just a component. If this sounds intriguing, here are a few skills you should have to excel in an assembler job.

Color vision

Unfortunately, if you are colorblind, you won’t be able to be an assembly worker. The ability to see colors is required in case the different components of the product, like tabs and wires, vary in their colors.

Be able to stay on feet for hours

In some cases, there may be a chair, but you need to be prepared to do your job standing up. In order to get all the pieces you need and assemble them as they come down the line, you need to be in a position to move and grab and put together, which usually cannot be effectively accomplished when sitting down.

Strength for lifting heavy components

Depending on what you’re assembling, the product may have heavy components. Even if you can lift it once, you have to consider lifting it piece after piece after piece as you work your shift. If this would be an issue, make sure you consider it when looking into certain assembler jobs.

Good dexterity

You need to work efficiently and smoothly on the line and clumsy fingers can hold you up. Occasional mistakes with your hands are normal and expected, but on the whole, you should be able to work quickly throughout the assembly process, easily finding where things align and getting them fastened without stumbling.

Skills to understand manuals and blueprints

Because your job is putting things together, you have to know how these things go together. While someone may be able to show you, it’s important you can look at the blueprints or manual when needed to figure it out for yourself. This sort of technical and mechanical job is essential to succeed as an assembler.

Jumpstart your job search

If you want to begin your career as an assembler, trust Workbox Staffing to make it happen. We’ll take the time to learn all about you and your skills and help advise you in the process. Then we’ll match with the best assembler opportunities in your area. Request a call from us today to begin your search for the perfect job.

try outs

There are many reasons for choosing a temp-to-hire position. Whether you’re pursuing a degree or want to make some extra money, many people find temporary jobs a convenient option. Temp-to-hire positions are also a great way to give a long-term career a short-term trial. After all, the more you know about a specific position, the easier it is for you to make a well-informed decision about your career.

We want to help you make the best possible career choice. Recruiters at Workbox Staffing take time to get to know you and your skills. We have many local connections and will guide you to employment options that fit your long-term goals. A temporary position is an excellent way to build your work experience and to see what kinds of careers are available to you.

Build Your Career With Temp To Hire

Making a career choice is stressful! How can you be sure you’re making the right move? Thankfully, temp work gives you the chance to try out different jobs without making a long-term commitment. It’s almost like deciding what sport you want to play in high school. Should you play football or soccer? Try them both and see. You may find that you enjoy more than one job.

Despite the low unemployment rate in the U.S., there is still a “middle-skill” gap. These jobs are ones that typically require more than a high school diploma, but less than a four year college degree. Examples include: manufacturing, industrial, clerical, and some healthcare positions. According to the National Skills Coalition, middle-skilled jobs make up 53% of jobs in 2015. They also predict that 48% of all job openings until 2024 will be middle-skilled jobs. Since “middle-skill” jobs typically pay well and offer career opportunities, they are an excellent choice for those entering the workforce and for those looking for a new career.

Build Skills, Experience, Connections, And More!

Temporary positions allow you to do more than try out different jobs. You can also start building skills, gaining experience, and making professional connections. Nine out of ten employees said that temporary jobs made them more employable overall.

Another advantage is that a temporary job allows you to try out a specific employer. Let’s say you take a work assignment verifying orders in a warehouse. After a few days on the job, you decide that you want to pursue this long-term. You love the fast-paced environment and strategically thinking about how to fill more orders in less time. However, you run into a problem. There aren’t any advancement opportunities with this particular company.

Thankfully, there’s an easy solution. The good news is that you are aren’t obligated to stay past your contract. More good news: you now have a direction for your future. And on top of that: you’ve gained skills and experience that make you more employable. It’s a win-win-win situation.

How To Turn Your Temporary Career Into a Permanent Position

So what do you do if you want to turn your temporary placement into a full-time job? The internet is full of advice on how to get from temp to full-time. But, the problem with these articles is that they over-complicate things.

We’re going to share some of our profound wisdom with you. Ready? To turn your temporary position into a full time opportunity—you have to actively show your employer that you are irreplaceable.

There are different ways to do this, but here is how it boils down:

Match your actions to your words.

It’s one thing to say you want the job…it’s another to demonstrate that you do. Showing that you practice what you preach demonstrates that you are a reliable employee who’s serious about your own personal success and the success of the company.

Show up on time.

You’d be amazed what a difference this makes! Consistently arriving early will make a good impression with your supervisors and demonstrate your willingness to work.

Take initiative.

Don’t wait around for things to happen. If you’ve caught up on all your assignments, ask your supervisor what else needs to be done.

Learn all you can.

Ask questions, take notes, soak up the knowledge. Experience is experience, even if it doesn’t lead to a full-time position right away.

Ask for the job.

Come right out and ask! The worst that could happen is that they say no. Even then, you’re still coming away with more knowledge and experience than you had before.

Be patient.

It may take some time for a decision to be made. Until it is, keep up the hard work!

Try Out A Career With Workbox Staffing!

Are you looking to enter the workforce, but aren’t sure what kind of career is right for you? Do you want to switch careers, but have no idea where to start? A temp-to-hire position may be your solution! Workbox Staffing offers positions across a variety of industries. And because of our local connections, we have access to some of the best jobs in your area. Give us a call or apply online to find your next opportunity!