“What Employers Want”

07.27.17 | Job Search

The first step in a job search may be to determine if you have the experience and skills for the position(s) you are seeking, but it is not the only step. Regardless of the industry or the position, employers are looking for more than ability; they want workers who exhibit the following traits.

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< h3>TEAM PLAYER< /h3>

Being a team player isn’t always easy, but it’s essential if you want to succeed on the job. Start by reminding yourself that everyone on the team shares a common goal. Great team players know their role and fulfill their responsibilities – on time. They are flexible, reliable, and accountable. They support others by sharing information and resources, giving positive feedback, and showing appreciation. In other words, being a team player isn’t just about you – it’s about everyone.


If the position involves interaction with the public, excellent customer service is essential. On the other hand, even if it doesn’t include contact with customers, these traits are still necessary to possess. Customer service is all about treating people in a way that encourages them to come back. Not false flattery, mind you, but genuine caring. Listening to people, making them feel valued and appreciated, and giving more than expected are all ways you can make the customer feel more comfortable.


Employers know that goal setting is a powerful process that not only helps people choose where they want to go and how to get there, but also helps them to stay focus until they reach their destination. Whether it’s an educational, financial, career or personal goal, the same steps apply. The goal setter decides what to accomplish, puts it in specific and realistic terms, sets a deadline, makes a plan, and focuses on following through until the goal is reached. Employers want goals setters for employees because they know they can depend on the employee to focus on the job and get it done.


People with a strong work ethic have a positive and productive attitude and approach to work. Employers can count on them to be punctual – not only at the beginning of the shift but also when returning after a break, attending meetings, etc. A strong work ethic means an employer can depend on an employee to stay focused and do the job right, with integrity because he cares about quality. Also, many times when one employee has a strong work ethic, it motivates others to follow suit.


Being able to recognize and correct problems is a plus on anyone’s resume. Problem solvers aren’t concerned with being right or blaming a person. They get to the root of the problem, and they focus on solutions. By evaluating the situation and exploring their options, they choose the best route for correction. Problems are merely an opportunity to grow and learn – an opportunity to improve the big picture.


Employees who bring a positive attitude to work can adapt to and cope with the issues that inevitably arise. Instead of worrying about what might happen, they use what does happen to inspire constructive changes. A positive attitude encourages creativity, builds mental strength, increases energy, and instills confidence. Employers especially appreciate the contagion of a positive attitude. Nothing creates a ripple effect of goodwill like the quiet joy of an employee who looks on the bright side and encourages others to do likewise.

Frankly, it all boils down to attitude. Take a moment to evaluate yourself. Do others see these traits in you? Then it’s time to contact Workbox. We hire people who excel in these traits as well as meet the job requirements. That’s why Workbox Staffing workers are highly sought after by some of the best companies in the area.