01.22.15 | Job Search

According to an article on usa.gov., finding a new job is one of the top five resolutions at the beginning of every January. Naturally, everybody starts out motivated, but then life happens, and suddenly it’s another new year and another new list. Isn’t it time to take your “I need a new job” outbursts seriously and make a plan? Make 2015 the year you win the job-search game.

Of course, it’s hard to win any game without a strategy. You have the big-picture goal – a new job; now create, and commit to, a list of smaller goals that will help reach success.

Search Smarter< br>Before the job hunt gets underway, know the basic traits you are looking for in a job:< br>• What kind of work interests you?< br>• What positions fit your skill set?< br>• What hours are you willing to work (part-time, full-time, or seasonal)?

Your job search should focus on the skills in which you have experience or training. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t meet every requirement listed in a job description, though. Unless the company is asking for a certain level of experience, you can learn new skills on the job.

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Improve Your Past Mistakes< br>• Was your résumé out-of-date or unorganized?< br>• If you filled out an application, was it incomplete and sloppy?< br>• Were you late or unprepared for your interview?

From your résumé to your first meeting with your boss, first impressions are everything. Although the reason why you weren’t hired may have been out of your control, always put your best foot forward by staying sharp in your overall appearance in person and on paper. Check out< br>our blog for expert advice on the application process.

Stay Connected With Your Recruiter< br>Trust us on this one. A recruiter at a staffing agency can be a big plus to your job search.< br>• They help you brush up on your résumé and interview skills< br>• They connect you with the right employer< br>• They look out for you when a new job opens< br>If you have a recruiter or had one in the past, keep in touch to let him, or her know any changes to your search, or just to let them know how you are doing in your new job. If you’re looking for a staffing agency, contact WorkBox to learn more about the application process and meet with one of our recruiters.

Be Patient, Positive, &amp; Persistent< br>The job search can be a long and sometimes stressful process. Multiple applicants and other projects may slow the process down. Positive attitudes, patience, and persistence will still win the game. Hang in there and don’t neglect to:< br>• Call the company after one week to follow up< br>• Send a thank you note after an interview – even if you didn’t get the job

At WorkBox, we commit ourselves to partnering with you in your job search. Our recruiters are expert networkers who specialize in the manufacturing, industrial, warehouse, and office support careers. Give us a call and ask about our job openings today.