02.04.15 | Job Search

Not all job applicants are the same. Some candidates know what position they want or where they want to work, but others need more direction. Sound like you? Then look no further. A recruiter is an excellent resource for people in this situation. Keep reading to discover what a WorkBox recruiter can do for you.Apply For Jobs at Workbox Staffing

What do recruiters do?< br>Recruiters help people find the jobs they are best suited. Staffing professionals identify matches for candidates with client companies. They then look for the best fit for both parties from skills and a workplace culture perspective. They take time to get a thorough understanding of the clients’ and the employees’ needs. Recruiters also make the job search process faster and efficient. They will provide professional feedback on your résumé and interview skills and will connect you to their network of contacts.

Why do I need one?< br>Recruiters are the key to navigating the job market successfully on behalf of a candidate. They often know of opportunities before they are advertised and have connections with clients and other professionals. Think of your recruiter as a job-search manager, an adviser, coach, and confident. Recruiters can help job seekers quickly build a good reputation with hiring managers. Learn more about the WorkBox hiring process here.

Why should I keep a good relationship with my recruiter?< br>A great recruiter is specifically interested in helping you succeed and wants to help both you and their clients, form great job matches. Keep in mind that your recruiter is a job-search partner, not a magic genie. The process takes two. Here are a few steps you can take to get the most out of your experience.

• Know what your goals, interests, and best skills are.< br>• Be honest about what worked or did not work for you in previous jobs.< br>• Keep in touch at least once a month (even after you have a job) to let your recruiter< br>know how you are doing. He or she may be able to offer further advice as you adjust to a new work environment.

Apply For Jobs at Workbox Staffing

How do I become a part of the WorkBox team?

Are you looking for a job in manufacturing, light industrial work, warehouse< br>operations, or office support? WorkBox is currently hiring in all these fields!< br>Our job isn’t finished until you have a job. Contact us today to< br>schedule an appointment with a WorkBox recruiter and join the team.