“Workbox Careers: 8 Reasons to be a Recruiter”

08.10.17 | Job Search

Have you ever considered becoming a recruiter? People often think recruiters carelessly place candidates in temporary positions. Maybe you’ve heard the rumor that recruiters are impersonal, hard to reach and only in it for the paycheck. In our experience, nothing could be further from the truth. Maybe some recruiters are afraid to roll up their sleeves and get a little dirty, but not at Workbox.

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We are in the people business, and that means Workbox recruiters are dedicated to purposefully matching job seekers with one of our employers.

Here are some other reasons our recruiters lead rewarding careers:

THEY FIND LONG-TERM SOLUTIONS TO UNEMPLOYMENT< br>While some job openings are temporary, many of them have the opportunity to become full-time positions. Our recruiters make job seekers aware of their potential and communicate how they can be irreplaceable employees to increase their chances of getting hired on full-time.

THEY SET CANDIDATES UP FOR SUCCESS< br>Our recruiters are not in the business of placing candidates into the first job they find; they’re looking to match them with opportunities where they have the skills to succeed. They care about their personal growth, job satisfaction, and success.

THEY FIND POSITIONS JOB-SEEKERS ARE INTERESTED IN< br>Not only do our recruiters pair candidates with jobs where they will succeed, but they also present them with opportunities they are interested in. They want job seekers to be happy and prosperous in their position, not just one or the other.

THEY MATCH CANDIDATES WITH OPPORTUNITIES BASED ON THEIR STRENGTHS< br>Not all jobs are entry-level. Many positions require skilled workers with years of experience. Our recruiters match people with opportunities that reflect their proficiency.

THEY NEVER GET BORED WITH THEIR WORK< br>No two days are ever the same. Our recruiters are regularly presented with new challenges and opportunities for growth.

THEY WORK IN AN ENJOYABLE ENVIRONMENT< br>Our culture is not a typical corporate setting. Our recruiters and staff are down-to-earth, approachable and personable. We get things done, and we have fun doing it.

THEY GET TO SEE THEIR HARD WORK PAYOFF< br>Our recruiters work in an industry that allows them to measure their results. They work hard. It is satisfying when someone is hired on.

THEY FIND SATISFACTION IN THEIR < br>Our recruiters make a difference in the lives of people every day while working in an environment that encourages them to grow personally and professionally. It’s a win-win!

This is only the beginning. You could say we’re not your typical corporate types. We like it that way. Workbox recruiters understand that handshakes, conversations, and real relationships matter — a lot. If you’re interested in becoming a recruiter and empowering others to make a positive change, contact us today.