4 Obvious Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job

08.29.18 | Job Search

The reason you received a rejection email for a job might come down to something outside of your control. It could be you were good, but someone else was better. Or perhaps another candidate had a connection in the company. While everyone likes to think they did their best, sometimes you didn’t get the job because of something you did in the interview. Instead of wondering why, consider these common reasons you didn’t get the job.

1. Your timing

No, this doesn’t have anything to do with when your interview occurs. It’s all about when you actually arrived for the interview. Arriving on time is essential in making a good first impression, but it’s easy to miss. In your effort to make it on time, you may arrive too early, which can make you seem overeager.

Being late is always a bad start. Trying to explain it was traffic or parking only makes you look worse because you weren’t prepared ahead of time to deal with conditions around the office.

The solution? Give yourself plenty of time and if you’re early, spend some time reviewing the position and company in your car. This time to breathe might make you less nervous when you go in to interview.

2. What you said

This one is a loaded category, dealing with what you said, what you didn’t say, and what your body said. You want to make an impression, but sometimes you end up sharing too much or being overly long-winded, either extending the interview time or having it be cut short. Conversely, a lack of personality can make you forgettable.

More than just your mouth, the nonverbal cues your body gives can hurt you the most. How you’re sitting and presenting yourself can either tell your interviewer you’re excited and engaged, or you couldn’t care less about the interview. Some behaviors to avoid: fidgeting, crossing your arms, and slouching.

3. Your work history

Employers understand job changes happen, sometimes suddenly, but a pattern of short stints can leave them wondering if you’re going to follow the same path with them. If this is you, explain why to ease any thoughts they might have about your flighty nature.

4. Your appearance

Being polished is the goal when you walk through the doors of your interview. Everything should fit and be ironed with no stains or signs of aging in the fabric. Looking sloppy can tell an employer you don’t put the effort in when it counts.

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