“5 Words That You Should Rethink on Your LinkedIn Profile”

03.31.18 | Job Search

It’s 2018, and most people understand the value of a well-written online profile. Our online social and professional accounts become the first impression we make to others, even potential employers. Because of this, we want to shine where it counts, and in the social media world, that space is LinkedIn.

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Applications now can pull information from LinkedIn, which causes everyone to work harder to make sure their profiles stand out. However, sometimes in the process, the desire to impress falls apart into a tangled mess of jargon and buzzwords. If you want to shine online truly, try eliminating these five words on your LinkedIn:

< h3>< strong style="background-color: transparent;">1. Adverbs< /h3>

Yes, adverbs are technically a group of words, but hear us out. Extra embellishments make your profile wordy and are unnecessary. When explaining what you can do, saying you’re qualified accomplishes the same purpose as saying you’re highly skilled. Try using stronger, less generic words to describe your accomplishments instead of the lazy reliance on adverbs to relay your skills.

< h3>< strong style="background-color: transparent;">2. Strategic< /h3>

LinkedIn listed ‘strategic’ in the top 10 overused buzzwords in both profiles and company pages on the site. It’s one of those words that’s thrown around a lot in meetings and presentations but is empty. Rather than saying you have a strategic mind, give examples of how this has played out in your career.

< h3>< strong style="background-color: transparent;">3. Unique< /h3>

No one is arguing you have gifts and skills that you bring to a company, but ironically, the word unique is anything but special. It’s a blanket term that says you’re set apart but can’t explain why. Use your space to show off what makes you different, whether it be the style you choose or the story you tell. Being unique can translate without being said.

< h3>< strong style="background-color: transparent;">4. Passionate< /h3>

It’s unlikely anyone would discuss something on their LinkedIn they didn’t care about, so saying you’re passionate can be redundant. Like unique, passion is something people can feel even if you aren’t saying you’re passionate about something directly to them. Express this passion for what you do in the way you discuss what you’ve done and why it matters to you.

< h3>< strong style="background-color: transparent;">5. Expert< /h3>

Saying you’re an expert sounds impressive, but it can seem boastful. Try finding a way to express your expertise instead of simply listing you’re an expert. This is a more humble approach that showcases more of your abilities.

< h3>We’re highly passionate about unique and strategic ways to help you< /h3>

We know that sentence doesn’t correctly represent why you should work with us here at Workbox Staffing. However, this one will: We know changing your job will change your life. We aren’t your everyday corporate types. We’re committed to our job seekers, clients, and communities. We’ll help you stand out without the buzzwords. Find your next #jobortunity with one of our staffing specialists today.