AI in Warehouses: What Job Seekers Should Know

11.08.23 | Job Search, Professional Development

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has quickly made real inroads across all aspects of warehouse operations. If you’re in the market for a warehouse job, you need to know how AI is fundamentally changing the world of work in this sector. Here are the insights you need to succeed.

Facility Management Systems

Facility management systems are not new. If you’ve worked in a warehouse in the past decade or so, you’re probably familiar with them. But the latest trend is full software integration. Now, managers are consolidating all of their different technological solutions into a single platform. This means that you’ll need to be computer savvy enough to work with an integrated system that may have many different applications throughout the warehouse.

Autonomous Mobile Robots

One of the biggest recent changes to the warehouse industry is the rapid adoption of autonomous mobile robots or AMRs. They move around the existing pathways, working side by side with humans. This can make your job easier, as drones can easily scan inventory on higher shelves, while picker robots can pull merchandise and prepare it for packing.

Predictive AI

As a warehouse worker, you may not work directly with predictive artificial intelligence. But that doesn’t mean it won’t impact how you spend your workday. AI is extremely good at analyzing huge sets of data, and it is having a profound impact on logistics. Your work is likely to become more efficient as AI helps your managers make better decisions about scheduling and placement.

Are Warehouse Jobs Going Away?

Many people are worried about AI taking over their jobs, but we are a long way from fully autonomous AI. Instead, your tasks will likely begin to change. Knowing how to interpret data gathered by AI, to program and repair robots, or simply to embrace new technology as it develops will put you ahead of the pack.

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