Applying for a Job Cross Country? Here’s How to Approach the Application

01.03.19 | Job Search

Looking for a job in a different state can be an exciting experience. You’re likely trying to make the jump to be closer to someone you love, work in a hub for your chosen field or simply explore a new opportunity. Moving cross country for a job is intriguing, but it’s important to consider the following when approaching the application.

Be honest about your location

As tempting as it may be to hide the fact you aren’t a local candidate, honesty is always the best policy. If it’s going to be a disqualification, it will either be immediate or later after time and effort have been spent from both parties. Disclose your plans to move in the cover letter to show the employer you’re serious about the transition.

Explain your reason

Why you plan to move is almost as important as the move itself. An employer wants to see that you’re making a long-term change instead of a flighty decision. Making a move on a whim for a change of scenery will likely disqualify you early, but showing you have real connections to a city, like family, college or professional networks, will work in your favor.

Prepare yourself for video conferencing

Video conferencing makes out-of-state interviewing easier because you can have what feels like a face-to-face meeting without making the trek. If you’ve set up an online video using a service such as Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts, make sure you understand how the software works prior to beginning the interview. Don’t forget to carefully plan your outfit – just because you’re interviewing remotely, the standards of dress still apply.

Take advantage of connections

Referrals are an easy way to get your name into consideration for an out-of-state position. Asking your contact for an introduction can bridge the gap between you and an employer and provide an initial endorsement that can get you an interview.

Visit the city

At some point, you will have to spend time in the new city for interviews, residence hunting, etc. Give yourself several weeks, if possible, where you can acclimate to the city and make yourself available for any interviews that come up suddenly.

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