Rising Above the Competition: Tactics for Job Seekers in a Competitive Job Market

08.23.23 | Job Search

Looking for a new job is never easy. Despite historically low unemployment and lots of open positions, it can be tough to stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, there are specific steps you can take to increase your chances of success even in a competitive job market.

Build Your Brand

Personal branding has become essential to landing the job of your dreams. First, you’ll need to identify your unique value proposition – the individual collection of traits that make you uniquely valuable to an employer. Focus on where your skills and experience merge with your passion and authenticity. Once you find that space, the rest of your personal branding will fall into place.

Craft a Compelling Resume and Cover Letter

Now you’re ready to sell your personal brand in your resume and cover letter. Find ways to highlight the accomplishments that support your brand. Be genuine and give specific details to back up your claims. Also, weave in some targeted keywords from the job description to ensure that your documents make it through a preliminary round of automated scanning.

Prepare for Your Interview

Your job interview is your chance to sell your personal brand in a meaningful way. Use your unique value proposition to prepare answers to common questions such as “Why do you want to work here?” And set yourself up for success by choosing your interview outfit a day ahead of time, allowing at least ten extra minutes for your commute, and making extra printed copies of your resume.

Work with a Staffing Agency

Standing out in a competitive job market can be tough. Rather than trying to do it all on your own, why not enlist some professional help? A staffing agency such as Workbox Staffing can match you with companies where you would be an excellent fit. We can also walk you through all stages of your job search, including helping you update your resume and practice your interview skills. And best of all, job seekers don’t pay a penny for our services!

Looking for a New Role?

Workbox Staffing offers light industrial jobs in more than 30 locations across the Midwest, Mid Atlantic, and Southeast. If you’re ready to jumpstart your light industrial career, take a look at our open positions or simply send us your resume today!