Exploring the Surge of E-Commerce: Opportunities for Warehouse Workers

02.21.24 | Job Search

Online shopping has been an option since 1994, and it was already playing a major role in retail by the 2010s. But in 2020, the global pandemic and subsequent shutdown sent it skyrocketing. According to the US Census Bureau, e-commerce ballooned by a stunning 43% during the shutdown. And it’s still going strong. But what does this mean for warehouse workers responsible for managing all those goods along the way? Let’s take a look.

New Jobs

First and foremost, for warehouse workers, all this e-commerce means job security. New warehouses are opening regularly, and existing facilities are adding new workers to keep up with demand. If you have a good work ethic and strong skills, you’re likely to be able to find a warehouse job anywhere for quite some time to come.

Expanding Responsibilities

As demand continues to surge, warehouses are under a lot of pressure. You may be asked to take on new tasks, learn an additional role, or even become a team leader. Now more than ever, warehouse managers are looking for skilled and experienced members of their staff to stand out and help meet today’s challenges.

Enhanced Skill Requirements

Many warehouses are turning to technology to cope with the rise of e-commerce. You may find yourself working shoulder-to-shoulder with autonomous robots and even drones. But someone has to program them and ensure they perform as well as possible. You may be called upon to assist if you have a knack for mechanics and computers. And even if you don’t work with robots, more and more warehouse tasks are being partially or fully automated. You’ll want to brush up on your technological skills to make sure you’re comfortable with all the different systems that are being implemented.

The current surge in e-commerce is showing no signs of slowing down. This is largely a good thing for warehouse workers because it means job security and new opportunities. Keep your skills sharp, and you will be well-positioned to climb the career ladder at your current facility or someplace new.

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