“What’s Facebook Jobs and Will It Help My Job Search?”

04.04.18 | Job Search

In the last decade, Facebook has changed the way humans communicate. It wasn’t the first social media platform, but it was a game changer, and that’s a role it continues to play. Namely, Facebook brings the world together. There are more than seven billion people in the world, and almost a quarter of them have Facebook accounts.

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Recognizing its reach and popularity, Facebook is continually working to meet the needs of its users before they realize the needs exist. The most recent feature Mark Zuckerberg and his team introduced was Facebook Jobs.

Seeing that people were already finding jobs through the platform, Facebook decided to take control of the game and make it simpler for everyone. This feature is useful for both companies looking to hire and employees looking for work.

< h3>Easily Find Open Positions< /h3>

Facebook Jobs combines the best of job board websites and Facebook itself. It works in two significant ways if you’re looking for a job – you can either search for open positions by ‘where’ and ‘what,’ or you can go directly to a company’s page and see open positions.

While you’re casually browsing your News Feed, you can switch to the jobs page and make the experience more productive. Maybe there’s a company you’d love to work at, and now you can easily stay updated on what they’re doing and see if there’s an opportunity for you. Sometimes though, there are so many jobs available that companies can’t represent them all on Facebook. If you don’t see many listings on a company’s job page on Facebook, we’d suggest visiting their website to seek out their career listings.

< h3>Keep It Casual< /h3>

There are obvious parallels to LinkedIn, including the automatic pulling of information from your profile into your application. Unlike LinkedIn, Facebook is more casual, making it less intimidating. Those who work in different industries and don’t feel comfortable with LinkedIn can now opt for an experience they’re used to. Additionally, employers can use the Messenger function to connect with you right over Facebook for quick and simple interactions.

< h3>Beware What You Post< /h3>

As a job seeker, the Facebook Jobs functionality will probably be a great tool but beware. People have lost their jobs or potential opportunities because of what they’ve shared on their profiles, and with this, you’re providing a direct link to what’s publicly available on your account. If you aren’t concerned, go for it and use every resource you can to find your dream job. If you like to keep work and your life separate, maybe reconsider Facebook Jobs.

< h3>Think Outside The Box< /h3>

Like Facebook, we keep our clients at the front of our minds and are always thinking of ways we can better serve them. At Workbox Staffing, we build our reputation on finding the best employees in manufacturing, light industrial work, warehouse operations and office support, and matching them with top companies. Sound interesting? Start your job search with us today.