How to Find and Maintain a Long Term Job

05.09.23 | Job Search

In today’s world, it’s rare to stay with the same employer for more than a few years. Some people leave for a better salary, others because they’ve grown bored with the work. But it is still possible to find a position that you can stick with for the long run. Here are some tips for finding and maintaining a long-term job.

Find Your Passion

Take some time to figure out what truly drives you. Then figure out where your skills intersect with your passion. For example, you might not have the science background to become an electrical engineer. But you could work on an assembly line that manufactures electronics. Or maybe you have always been passionate about solving puzzles and fixing things—machinery maintenance might be right up your alley.

Consider the Work Environment

What does your ideal job look like day-to-day? Do you want a set schedule? If so, do you prefer days or nights? Do you want to take a two-week vacation every year, or would you rather have flexible days off to take when you feel like it? Are you more motivated by how much money you make or by the work itself? You won’t be happy in a long-term job that isn’t a good fit with your values and priorities.

Develop Your Skills

You may not be able to step into your dream job right away. But once you’ve identified what you want in a long-term job, you can start taking action toward making it happen. In many cases, this means building the required skills. You might take classes or earn certifications. Or you may be able to learn as you earn in an interim role.

Work with a Staffing Agency

Working with a recruiter offers incredible benefits. If you’re still figuring out exactly what you want to do, your recruiter may have suggestions that you never thought of before. If you know precisely what kind of work you want, your recruiter can help you understand how to become more competitive in that area. You’ll also gain access to positions that haven’t been publicly posted, as well as assistance with everything from updating your resume to boosting your interview skills. A staffing agency can be a powerful ally in your quest to find the right long-term job, and all these services are entirely free for job seekers.

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