“4 Tips to Re-enter the Workforce After Being Unemployed”

05.30.18 | Job Search

Most people experience some sort of unemployment in their lifetime due to a number of factors. Perhaps your company downsized or had to conduct lay-offs due to economic conditions. It could be you decided to leave a stressful environment and take some time off from your career.

Whatever the reason, it’s just as likely you’ll return to the workforce at some point. A new job can be a relief, but it can also bring in new pressures and stressors. To complete a successful re-entry into the workforce, try these four tips.

< h3>1. Get back into good rhythms< /h3>

While unemployed, normal habits can fall to the wayside without the presence of a routine. As you get closer to the start of your new job, or even serious job searching, begin adjusting to work life again. Go to bed at a normal time and wake up early. Find time to exercise and prep meals when necessary. Make sure all your work clothes are clean and ironed.

< h3>2. Remain confident< /h3>

Time away from work might shake your confidence, but it’s important to remember you were selected for the position for a reason. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed with thoughts of inadequacy; instead focus on what you’re good at and the fact the hiring committee believed in you enough to bring you on board.

< h3>3. Let yourself be a newbie< /h3>

Stay confident but be wary of becoming overconfident or disappointed in yourself. Both outcomes can lead to additional stress as you transition back into the workforce. Even if the position is something you’ve done before, it’s still a new experience. Accept you might make mistakes and you won’t know everything. Don’t be overly defensive if someone offers constructive criticism. You’re new and it’s okay to have an adjustment period.

< h3>4. Make new friends< /h3>

These relationships will help the transition and make the workplace feel more welcoming. When you spend a large percentage of your life at work, you want to make sure you have some sort of connections with your co-workers to make the experience better.

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