How to Excel in an Assembler Job: What Skills Should You Have?

10.30.19 | Job Search

When you’re thinking about a new career, consider becoming an assembler. Essentially, it’s your job to put together different parts of a product, whether it’s the whole final version or just a component. If this sounds intriguing, here are a few skills you should have to excel in an assembler job.

Color vision

Unfortunately, if you are colorblind, you won’t be able to be an assembly worker. The ability to see colors is required in case the different components of the product, like tabs and wires, vary in their colors.

Be able to stay on feet for hours

In some cases, there may be a chair, but you need to be prepared to do your job standing up. In order to get all the pieces you need and assemble them as they come down the line, you need to be in a position to move and grab and put together, which usually cannot be effectively accomplished when sitting down.

Strength for lifting heavy components

Depending on what you’re assembling, the product may have heavy components. Even if you can lift it once, you have to consider lifting it piece after piece after piece as you work your shift. If this would be an issue, make sure you consider it when looking into certain assembler jobs.

Good dexterity

You need to work efficiently and smoothly on the line and clumsy fingers can hold you up. Occasional mistakes with your hands are normal and expected, but on the whole, you should be able to work quickly throughout the assembly process, easily finding where things align and getting them fastened without stumbling.

Skills to understand manuals and blueprints

Because your job is putting things together, you have to know how these things go together. While someone may be able to show you, it’s important you can look at the blueprints or manual when needed to figure it out for yourself. This sort of technical and mechanical job is essential to succeed as an assembler.

Jumpstart your job search

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