How to Stay Motivated During Your Job Search’s Radio Silence

03.20.18 | Job Search

Deciding it’s time to look for a new job is a cycle of feelings – elation, excitement, dedication and of course, frustration. It would be amazing if it were as simple as finding your dream job, applying and getting hired on the same day, but you know all too well that’s far from the reality.

Searching for a new job can be soul-crushing, but there are ways to persevere. If you’re feeling defeated, try these four tips to stay motivated during the radio silence of your job search.

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1. Create a routine

Searching for jobs can consume your life if you’re not careful, so a routine is crucial for maintaining a work-life balance, even if that work is merely trying to find a job. If you aren’t employed, spend a typical 9-5 day with a lunch break applying, and take the evenings off. If you’re still employed, devote an hour or two every night, and more on the weekends, to stay active without it consuming your life.

2. Take breaks

Routines are necessary, but so are breaks. Continuing to worry about your search will only stress you out more. If you’re spending entire days in the hunt, take a break to do something you love, like taking a walk or going to a movie. Occasionally, take a whole day off. This will help you refocus and stay motivated.

3. Learn to accept rejection

This is hard but important. Just because you didn’t get a callback or a second interview for one position (or even 20) doesn’t mean you aren’t talented and qualified. Moving on quickly can keep you active and positive. Instead of dwelling on what you didn’t get, accept that it wasn’t the right position for you and keep looking for something even better.

4. Continue to grow as a professional

Also if you aren’t working exactly where you’d like doesn’t mean you can’t experience the growth to get you there. Try to improve yourself by setting goals and talking to mentors and people who know you well to see where you have room to grow. Volunteer when you can – not only does this help build your resume, it will keep your mind off waiting, too.

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