“I Applied For a Job And Never Heard Back. Why?”

07.25.18 | Job Search

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Anyone who’s searched for a job understands the emotional toll it can take. You spend hours scanning company websites and job boards looking for your next opportunity. You carefully craft your resume and cover letter. All of your social media accounts reflect someone who’s professional and seems like a good hire. Finally, after all your preparation, you find the job you’ve been searching for and submit your application.

As the weeks go on, your excitement wanes into anxiety as you realize you should’ve heard something by now. Maybe you reach out or take the approach of trusting you’ll hear something if it’s right. Either way, you’re confused and you want to know, “why didn’t I hear back?”

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They’re Just Not That Into You

One of the most likely reasons for not hearing back is because you weren’t the right person for the job. Despite your skills and experience, you weren’t as qualified as they preferred. Other candidates probably had a better suited background and instantly stuck out because of what they’d previously accomplished.

You have to remember that while it is commentary about your professional life, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. It could be you were underqualified or someone else was perfect. A rejection for one positions just means the right job is still waiting for you!

Your Resume Got Lost

In today’s technological world, your resume is filtered through databases and websites designed to pull specific information to help in the screening process. If you don’t include the right key words or format your resume in a way that makes it easy to decipher, it may never even reach human eyes.

There’s an Online Disconnect

LinkedIn should essentially be a digital copy of your resume – updated frequently to reflect all professional changes. Neglecting one and updating the other can cause employers to wonder which is accurate. Taking the time to keep both up to date can show your next employer that you’re diligent and detail-oriented.

Accelerate the Application Process

Waiting to hear back is excruciating, but we have your solution. We partner with the top companies in fields like office work, manufacturing, warehouse operations, and light industrial work to get your resume in front of someone faster. Contact our top recruiters today to learn more!

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