“5 Job Search Myths You Need to Be Aware Of”

11.14.18 | Job Search

It can be easy to let the job search get the best of you, especially when you enter it with unrealistic expectations. Instead of a practical approach, you believe the myths that the perfect job is waiting for you and when you find it, your resume will land directly on the hiring manager’s desk. It’s true anything can happen, but you need to be aware of these 5 job search myths in order to give yourself the best chance of success.


1. I’ll get the job if it’s meant to be.

Because the job search can be soul-crushing, a bit of optimism isn’t unwelcome. The issue comes when you rely strictly on hope without doing any follow-up work to make it a reality. Instead of hoping, take action to make it happen. Show the employer your passion and dedication instead of relying on fate.

2. A cover letter isn’t that important.

When completing an online application, it’s easy to skip the non-essential option of a cover letter. Rather than taking the time to write or tailor what you already have, you believe what you’ve listed is enough to convey an accurate story about you.

Not only does it serve as an introduction; it’s also your chance to explain the position you want and more importantly, how you are perfectly qualified for it based on your experience. Your resume is the foundation of a story, but your cover letter allows you to connect everything directly.

3. I’ll hear back from every position I apply for.

This world is automated, so usually you’ll receive an acknowledgment your application was received and occasionally position has been filled. Typically, it will be an email explaining while you were impressive, someone else was just more impressive.

Often, you won’t hear anything at all. You won’t know if your application was received, reviewed or rejected. If it’s a position you’re passionate about, reach out to a real person for an update.

4. My passion outweighs my experience.

Sometimes you stumble upon the job you’ve always wanted, only to learn you don’t actually have the necessary experience to get hired. Instead of accepting this, you submit your resume and try to convey your passion, so the hiring manager will understand how qualified you actually are. Unfortunately, an employer can usually find someone with passion who also has the right amount of experience.

5. I’ll increase my chances of being hired by lowering my salary ask.

This is understandable in theory, but in reality, it can convey a desperation that makes an employer decide to pass on your application.

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