Beyond Boundaries: Strategies for Job Seekers in Rural Michigan

08.02.23 | Job Search

If you live in rural Michigan, you are probably already aware of the challenges of looking for a job. Though federal investments are starting to bring jobs back to the U.S. from overseas, rural areas still face some unique difficulties. But the news is not all bleak! Thinking outside the box and making the most of available resources can help you land the job of your dreams, no matter where in rural Michigan you live.

Broaden Your Search

It’s certainly more convenient to work in or near your hometown. But spending time on the road is just part of rural life. Look for jobs within reasonable driving distance of home rather than strictly in your town.

And don’t be afraid to make your job search a bit broader as well. Many of the most important skills, such as communication and teamwork, transfer well between industries. Think about what you loved most about your last job, or something you have always wanted to learn, and let that guide your job hunt. You might end up with a role you had never imagined, but it could turn out to be the perfect fit.

Leverage Online Platforms

Online job aggregator sites such as Indeed and SimplyHired can be excellent resources. They compile job listings from a lot of different sites alongside their own paid listings. You can quickly access a long list of positions and then narrow them down using advanced search features.

Engage in Community Events

Participate in local events, fairs, and gatherings. These occasions provide an excellent opportunity to meet local business owners, professionals, and potential employers. In a small-town setting, seasoned professionals and business owners often take an active interest in mentoring and supporting local talent. By attending events, you may have the opportunity to connect with mentors who can offer valuable career guidance and insights. You never know when a casual conversation can lead to a promising connection.

Use a Local Staffing Firm

If you’re interested in a more hands-on position, consider working with a local staffing firm such as Workbox Staffing. We’re experts at matching candidates with employers. And because we have extensive local contacts, we know which companies are hiring and have access to positions that haven’t been posted on public job boards. We’ll even walk you through the entire process, from updating your resume through nailing the interview. And when you get an offer, we can help you negotiate a fair pay rate and even assist with onboarding. Best of all? Our services are totally free for job seekers!

Living in rural Michigan can add challenges to your job hunt. But creative thinking and resourcefulness will help you land just the right position, no matter where you live.

Looking for a New Role?

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