Land a Job Today with Your Job Search Checklist

02.05.19 | Job Search

No matter what spurred the decision, you know when it’s time to find a new job. Ongoing frustration or desire for change can lead you to rush into the process, but landing a job is easier when you follow this job search checklist designed to help you succeed.

1. Determine what you want to do

Before you can get any ball rolling, you need to decide where you want it to go. If staying in the same field is right for you, it’s easy to jump right into the following steps. If not, make sure you take time to figure out exactly what you want to do so you can prepare everything to represent your new career path.

2. Update your professional materials

Once you’re sure where you want to go, take time to update your resume. This can be as simple as some date changes or a complete cosmetic overhaul. Make sure it represents what you’re capable of in an easy-to-understand format and shows your career progression. If you’re trying to move to a new field, tie in your skills from your current career to what you’ll need in your new pursuit.

Next, update your cover letter. While this item is tailored based on the specific job you’re applying for, you can get the basics updated, such as experience and what you’re trying to do in your career. Once everything is updated, review the materials and send them to others for editing help. One of the easiest ways to disqualify yourself is to include a typo, so don’t speed through editing.

3. Adjust your social media

Similar to updating your professional materials, don’t forget to make sure your LinkedIn reflects the most current information about your career, projects, experience, etc. Reach out to colleagues and ask for endorsements and recommendations.

Don’t forget to clean up your other social profiles. Remember – you want what you post to make you seem like a desirable candidate. This doesn’t mean you have to delete everything, just the posts that can call into question your professionalism and responsibility.

4. Begin your search

Now it’s finally time to start looking for jobs! Use every resource at your disposal to find opportunities and companies that align with where you’re trying to go. Attend conferences and networking events and reach out to friends and colleagues to inquire about opportunities. Partnering with headhunters and recruiters can help you speed up the process and get matched with a position perfect for you.

We’ll find the job that’s perfect for you

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