Mastering the Basics: Key Responsibilities and Duties of Entry-Level Warehouse Positions

07.26.23 | Job Search

So you’ve just landed your first warehouse position. Congratulations! An entry-level warehouse job is an excellent place to acquire the skills you’ll need to build a strong career foundation in this industry. Here are some key things you’ll learn in your new role.

Inventory Management

This is all about making sure that your warehouse has the right amount of goods at the right time. You’ll learn to track products as they enter, move through, and leave the warehouse. You’ll start to get a feel for how many of each item you should have on hand and when it’s time to reorder. You will likely also spend some time picking and packing, which means pulling items from the shelf and preparing them for shipment. Working hands-on with the inventory, as well as with your inventory management software, will help you develop skills to last a lifetime.

Quality Control

In a warehouse, quality control means ensuring that every order you send out is correct. In particular, you want to ensure that it meets the following standards:

  • The exact item(s) as ordered, including color, size, etc.
  • The right quantity
  • In excellent condition
  • Sent to the correct address
  • Properly billed

Quality control is vital in every warehouse job, regardless of the specific products you handle. So learning to do it right will save you a lot of time and energy throughout your career.

Equipment Operation

Warehouse workers use all sorts of equipment, from forklifts to pallet wrappers to conveyor belts. You’ll get an excellent on-the-job education in how to operate these various types of equipment. Those skills are easily transferrable between employers and even into some other industries.

Safety Protocols

Safety is key in any warehouse job. You’ll learn how to handle potentially hazardous materials, work with heavy machinery, and keep your workspace clean and organized. No matter where your career takes you next, future employers will be happy to see that you already have a working knowledge of safety protocols.

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