Beyond the Traditional: Exploring Non-Traditional Career Paths in Warehouse and Manufacturing

09.27.23 | Job Search

You’re probably already familiar with the traditional jobs that are available in the warehouse and manufacturing industries. Roles such as picker, packer, machine operator, and forklift driver are well-known even to those with no background in this field. But what if you’re looking for something different? Here are a few non-traditional career paths to consider in a warehouse or manufacturing career.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain managers take responsibility for the entire flow of goods, from raw materials to final customer delivery. Although different departments perform each step of the process, this is a “buck stops here” sort of managerial role. A bachelor’s or even a master’s degree is preferred. But some people start out on the floor and work their way up, possibly earning a certificate along the way.

Data Analytics

Warehouses and manufacturing facilities collect a lot of data from vendors and customers alike. And they need data analytics experts to sift through the data and gather valuable insights. The job typically requires a college degree, but this is starting to change. If you have a knack for problem-solving and are good with numbers, you may be able to work your way into this position.

Automation Technology

The warehouse and manufacturing industries are adding new technology at rapid speed. And someone needs to program and repair those robots and other automated tools. This is a field in which skills generally matter more than formal education, and you can hone your skills on your own. If you’re comfortable with jumping in and playing around with new tech, this may be just the field for you!

Quality Control

Quality control experts are responsible for ensuring that the final product is as good as possible. Many people start out in another position and then work their way into a quality control role. You’ll need impeccable attention to detail and a willingness to speak up when something isn’t right.

These are just a few of the non-traditional career paths you might want to consider in the warehouse and manufacturing industries. Things are evolving so rapidly; who knows what jobs might be available tomorrow? Getting your foot in the door now will position you well for the career path of your dreams.

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