Society focuses on one message for high schoolers – graduate and go to college. Despite the large debt associated, more students are electing to attend university and earn a degree than before. With all this focus on those going the “traditional” route, others entering the workforce immediately are left without attention.

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Most people experience some sort of unemployment in their lifetime due to a number of factors. Perhaps your company downsized or had to conduct lay-offs due to economic conditions. It could be you decided to leave a stressful environment and take some time off from your career.

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Being a student is usually synonymous with being stressed, considering internships, finals, papers, and every assignment and extra activity in between. On top of all that, you typically want to make a little money to help pay for your education. Instead of being overwhelmed, think about why being a temp is the perfect choice when you’re pursuing a degree.

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In the last decade, Facebook has changed the way humans communicate. It wasn’t the first social media platform, but it was a game changer, and that’s a role it continues to play. Namely, Facebook brings the world together. There are more than seven billion people in the world, and almost a quarter of them have Facebook accounts.

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It’s 2018, and most people understand the value of a well-written online profile. Our online social and professional accounts become the first impression we make to others, even potential employers. Because of this, we want to shine where it counts, and in the social media world, that space is LinkedIn.

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Deciding it’s time to look for a new job is a cycle of feelings – elation, excitement, dedication and of course, frustration. It would be amazing if it were as simple as finding your dream job, applying and getting hired on the same day, but you know all too well that’s far from the reality.

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Many employers today will do a background check to some extent in order to verify the information you provided. It can be as simple as contacting employers and references to verify when you worked where and what type of employee you are to as in-depth as a complete background check with criminal and credit record checks.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires employers to get permission from candidates before conducting a background check, but this isn’t the time to begin preparing. Look for information in the job posting or application about the possibility of a background check and begin your prep to make sure you pass.

Complete your own background check

One of the best ways to avoid being surprised check is to do a background check on yourself. This way, you’re aware of anything that might come up and you can be forthcoming in your conversations with the employer so isn’t a surprise to them, either.

Court and criminal records.

If you’ve had a run in with the law in the past, look into your records to verify the information is correct. Based on this, decide if any follow-up is needed with the court to update a now-expunged criminal record or reduced charges. The same goes for civil court records.

Credit report.

Something glaringly bad on your credit report can leave you out of the running for many jobs, so checking ahead of time can prepare you for any conversations around the report and give you a chance to defend it, if necessary. Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian are all required to give you reports for free, so you can cross reference and verify using these three reports.

Driving record.

This is especially important if any sort of driving or travel is going to be a part of your job. The company will check your driving record before allowing you behind the wheel, so you want to know what they may find.

Online presence.

A quick Google search will show what’s been said of you online. Check for your name in news stories, blog posts, and even your own social media. Make sure an employer isn’t going to find something unsavory in your digital history.

Always be honest.

Once you know what your background check will reveal about you to an employer, you know how to be honest with them during the interview. Failing to have your story line up with the facts can be a one-way ticket to rejection. Even with your experience, skill, and certifications, you want to be honest because these too can be verified and a lie will cost you the job.

 Empower yourself for a better tomorrow

At Workbox Staffing, we’re an employment agency with you in mind. We know not everyone can do what you do, so we pair you with a personalized career coach who will learn about and understand your exact set of skills to make sure we find the perfect job for you. Contact our knowledgeable team members today and begin your journey to a better tomorrow.

Putting yourself out there in a competitive job market can be intimidating and stressful. However, if you go in there with the right attitude in showing that you are prepared, professional, and easy to talk to, then it can be a positive experience for both you and (hopefully) your future employer. To set yourself above the rest and have a better chance of securing the job, here are some interview tips on how to be a good interviewee:

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During the holiday season, many companies increase staffing with temporary and part-time employees. This is especially true for retailers who are looking for cashiers and helping keep shelves stocked — and anything related to delivering packages, such as warehouse and delivery jobs. If you want to find work during the holiday season and earn some extra cash, where do you start?

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“Dear Jane Doe

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