These Three Resume Tips Are All You Need

08.12.19 | Job Search

Having an up-to-date resume is a vital part of your job search. But how do you make sure your resume will stand out? How do you make it the best it can be? If you try Googling “how to write a resume” or “resume tips” you immediately become overwhelmed by the results. There are endless articles and experts giving advice on everything from writing a “summary statement” to listing equal numbers of “hard” and “soft” skills. Where do you even start? 

Here at Workbox Staffing, we think finding a job and writing a resume should be simple and straightforward. Remember—a resume should be a truthful snapshot of your skills, experience, and education. You want to stand out, but your resume is only meant to get you to the interview. After that, your potential employer is more interested in you than in your resume.

Resume Tip #1: Cover the Basics 

It’s vital that your resume accurately lists your basic information. 

  • Double-check your contact information. Getting your phone number or email address wrong means you may not hear back on applications. 
  • List a professional email address. Asking employers to contact you at snugglykittens45 address isn’t going to make an employer take you seriously. 
  • Starting with your most recent job, list your employment history in reverse order. Use action verbs to describe your responsibilities (administered, engineered, built, developed). 
  • Only give specific details on your education if it’s relevant to the job. Go ahead and list your highest education level (and include your major if you attended college), but there’s no need to give details on that home economics elective unless it’s going to help you get the job.
  • Don’t forget your certifications! Professional certifications are a great way to show off your skills. Do you have your Commercial Drivers License (CDL)? Are you certified to operate any kind of heavy machinery? Did you take a first aid class in high school and earn a CPR certification? Are you ServSafe certified? 
  • Pro tip: Clean up your social media accounts. Some employers make a point to look up your Facebook or Twitter accounts before an interview. Don’t let your out-dated profile picture or posts peppered with swear words be the first thing they see.  

Resume Tip #2: Stand Out with Your Skills 

Now that you’ve double and triple checked your basic information, it’s time to stand out! 

  • Focus on achievements when listing employment history. This is especially useful if you have several jobs to list. Listing achievements shows that you have experience taking action and getting things done. 
  • Focus on education and skills if you’re light on work experience. Also, include any volunteer work and extracurricular activities. 
  • Don’t forget your language skills! Are you bilingual? Most employers are eager to hire employees who can communicate in more than one language.
  • Pro tip: customize your resume. Read through the job description and take note of the skills that are important to the position you’re applying for. Do you have these skills? Move them to the beginning of your “Skills” list. You can also break up your skills into sections. Let’s say you’re applying for a receptionist or administrative assistant position—add a skills section titled “software skills” or “computer skills”.

Resume Tip #3: Keep it in Perspective 

Searching for a new job is stressful. And while you want your resume to be accurate and eye-catching, it’s way too easy to begin over-analyzing every single word. Should I add a summary to the top? Should I call it an “executive summary” or just a “summary”? 

  • Take a moment to step back. Try to look at your resume as a whole. Your overall message should be “I’m qualified for the position, hire me”.  Does adding an executive summary help accomplish this goal? If so, then include one. But if not, don’t worry about it!
  • Don’t forget to have someone else read it! Have a friend or family member read through your resume. You’d be surprised at how many spelling and grammar errors are caught with a second pair of eyes. Then, ask that same person to pretend they’re a hiring manager. Would they ask for an interview based solely on your resume? It might be nice to let them know that their answer won’t affect your friendship!
  • Pro tip: remember that your resume isn’t going to get you the job. A resume is only meant to get you in the door. Aim to impress, but don’t let your resume stress you out too much. In the end, it’s not your resume that employer wants to interview—it’s you! Don’t worry, you got this! 

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