“Should My Temp Work Be on My Resume? Absolutely!”

08.15.18 | Job Search

Creating your resume for the job search is a process filled with questions: What information should I include? Where should I put it? Is two pages too much? Do I need to explain what I did in each position? If you’ve ever worked in temporary jobs, it’s likely you’ve asked yourself if you should include your temp work on your resume as well.

Unlike other questions, the answer to that one is simple – absolutely! The key is to make sure you’re arranging and labeling it in such a way that you don’t appear to be a flighty hire, meaning you’re all over the map when it comes to employment. People have temporary jobs for a number of reasons, and it’s essential to use your resume to tell your story.

Label the temp work clearly

It might be tempting to make certain positions seem like they weren’t temporary, but remember this is easily checked. It’s better to be honest and use a consistent label to identify which of your positions were considered temporary or contract.

If you only have a few of these, it can be clear you were between jobs or on special projects. This can convey you aren’t a job-hopper; instead, you’ve just been looking for the right opportunity.

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List it under a company

Often, most temporary positions are held under one staffing agency. If you’re a freelancer, this is also true if one company hires you for several projects. When this happens, group those positions under a company name.

Include a brief description of your work with the company, what you did and when, and then use bullet points to identify specific positions, and the timing of them, as well as a description of the work.

Focus on the Skills

No matter what your positions were, each one had opportunities for growth and networking. Use your resume to highlight what you learned in each job and explain more in your interview, discussing whom you met and what you took away that led you to that company and position.

Work with an agency that cares about you

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