Should You Put That Job Offer on Hold?

05.01.19 | Job Search

When you receive a job offer after months of searching and interviewing, the temptation is to immediately say yes without a second thought. After all, you’ve achieved the goal, haven’t you? Technically yes, but there are other factors to consider before accepting.

When to put an offer on hold

Obviously, if you receive the offer for the job you’re most excited about, saying yes is a no-brainer. It becomes trickier when you realize the company that wants to hire you isn’t your top choice, or maybe even in your top five. You don’t want to lose your chance at employment, but you also don’t want to settle.

Figure out why your yes isn’t immediate

If you had reservations, take some time to think through what else you want from an offer. This can help you dispel any of your fears and accept or realize why you have to say no. It could be there’s another position or potential offer and you want more time to see if it will become a reality for you. No matter your reason for needing more time, you need to handle your ask appropriately.

Express your gratitude for the offer

Failing to respond to the employer in a proper manner can cost you the opportunity. If the employer feels you aren’t interested, they may withdraw it all together and move on, leaving you with nothing. Make sure it’s clear you’re excited and you just need some extra time to make your decision.

Instead of demanding a specific amount of time, ask the company what they can give. This way you’re being respectful and not presenting an entitled attitude. If the hold is granted, leave the conversation on good terms and make sure you follow up in time.

During your time thinking, consider reaching out to your other opportunities for an update on their timeline and to explain your situation. This may count you out of the running or put pressure on the company to make a decision, especially if they’re primarily interested in you.

Making the decision

At the end of the day, only you can know if you should put an offer on and then decide whether you should accept or deny. If your circumstances don’t change, it’s up to you to decide whether you take this opportunity or keep waiting for something you feel is better.

Empower yourself for a better tomorrow

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