Strategic Interviews for Career Advancement

12.06.23 | Job Search, Professional Development

Even if you are content in your job, there are benefits to exploring new opportunities. Learning what else is out there can help you plan your career path, determine which new skills to develop, and even decide whether your current position is maximizing your potential. If you’re a forward-thinking professional looking to advance your career, strategic interviews can lead to smarter growth without the pressure to make immediate changes.

What Is a Strategic Interview?

In a nutshell, a strategic interview is a job interview for a role you don’t necessarily want. Rather than hoping for an offer, the goal is simply to learn as much as possible. However, don’t go into it with a closed mind. There’s always a chance that the company will make you an offer you can’t refuse.

Benefits of Strategic Interviews

Job interviews are stressful, so why should you put yourself through the hassle if you don’t want the position? Here are just a few benefits of strategic interviews.

Gaining Fresh Insights

Even if you’re totally happy in your current role, the odds are good that, at some point, you will want to move on. Strategic interviews give you deeper insight into the interview process that you can use to your advantage later when you’re actually looking for a new job.

For example, pay close attention to the questions that the interviewer asks. Reflect on those questions and your answers later to develop even stronger answers for next time. Also, think about which parts of your background the interviewer is most interested in. Where are your weak spots, and how could you strengthen them?

Exploring Emerging Job Roles

The world of work is evolving rapidly. There are now common, everyday positions that would have been unimaginable ten years ago. But what’s coming next? Going on regular strategic interviews can keep you in the loop. Maybe the next big thing in your industry will turn out to be the job of your dreams.

Unearthing Company Perks

Are you getting a good deal at your current employer? Or are other companies offering benefits and perks that you never even thought of before? Find out what the competition is doing, and you may be able to lobby for similar perks at your own employer.

Of course, you never want to take advantage of anyone. Don’t tell an employer that you are seriously job hunting if you really aren’t. Instead, politely explain that you are testing the waters to see what else is out there. If you’re a strong candidate, most employers will be happy to try to sell you on their company and why you should work for them. Be respectful of their time and always thank them for seeing you.

Looking for a New Role?

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