Improve Your LinkedIn Background Summary With These Tips

09.03.19 | Job Search

How do you think your LinkedIn background summary would score with recruiters or employers? Do you even think about it? We know you have a lot to think about when it comes to keeping your professional life updated but neglecting your LinkedIn summary could cause you to be overlooked or ignored. If you’re looking for some tips to help you improve your LinkedIn summary background, keep reading! 

Use keywords.

If you want to be easily found in searches, you have to focus on keywords. When an employer or recruiter is searching for a professional in a particular field, they will use these keywords to help narrow down their search. The better you do in your summary, the better chance you have of being found.  

When trying to pick keywords and you aren’t sure, start by using LinkedIn as a testing ground. Search words that you think would be applicable to what you do and see if they bring up a lot of results. If they don’t produce a large return, it’s likely they aren’t being used to find candidates.  

But don’t get too jargon or catchphrase heavy.

Using keywords doesn’t mean industry jargon or generic catchphrases. You want to be found and stand out, not held back by your word choice. The use of either of these can detract from what you’re actually capable of and cause someone looking for the right person to assume the role isn’t for you.  

Specifically, when talking about your accomplishments, don’t use a generic description of how you operate on a team or your positive attitude. Focus instead on what you’ve actually accomplished and explain those details.  

Don’t just list your jobs. 

While yes, your summary should explain what you’ve done in the past, it shouldn’t just be a list of the roles you’ve held at different organizations. The recruiter or employer can see all that in the section where you list employment.  

Focus on what makes your experience unique and what you’ve accomplished and use the background to explain those differences. Once found, how you sell yourself is going to make the difference between an interview and being passed over.  

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