What to Do When You Don’t Have Much Relevant Job Experience

12.31.19 | Job Search

Looking for the perfect job for you is great until you realize you don’t have the relevant experience the company is looking for in the posting. In fact, all your dream occupations seem to require opportunities you haven’t had yet. You know what they’re looking for, and you know you can do the job, but how can you make them consider what you have to offer? Here are three suggestions for what to do when you don’t have much relevant job experience.

Begin with a spot-on cover letter.

This is usually read before the resume and can be your chance to explain exactly why you should be considered, despite how your experience reads. Make sure it’s enthusiastic, personable, and well-written, so it gets noticed in the sea of applications.

Use the space to talk briefly about your background and tie in the position to your skills and passions. This is your chance to make it past the initial barrier, which means you need to write a convincing letter that entices them to learn more about you.

Break down your skills.

Even if your experiences don’t match the job, there are skills you’ve taken away that can be applied. Obviously, you think you can do the job, now show it. Your irrelevant experience can be transformed into learning opportunities that provided you with the skills needed to take on this role.

There are different schools of through on structure, including highlighting previously positions in chronological order with the skills listed beneath each or listing the skills as the focus with the experience as support. Whatever you choose, take the time to do it right. You don’t want to rush your dreams for the sake of getting it done.

Look beyond your paid employment.

Maybe your career didn’t have corresponding experiences, but what about your personal life? What have you done academically or as a volunteer? In situations like this, it’s important to show both your experience and relevant work outside of the job. This can help you look more well-rounded as well as more qualified for the position.

A staffing agency changing expectations.

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