“What to Trash on Your Social Media Before A Job Interview”

07.03.18 | Job Search


Planning for a job interview doesn’t stop after you finalize the time. There are a number of items to consider, such as what you’ll wear, if you need to rearrange your schedule, additional research, and rehearsing potential answers. An important but potentially overlooked step is cleaning up your social media.

In today’s world, there’s no limit to what’s shared on social media. From relationship and baby announcements to vacations or wilder nights in college, the different platforms can serve as an online scrapbook for all to see. While not every post is troubling, it’s important to consider what could cost you the job.


Start by Searching for Yourself

The first step is seeing how you initially appear online. See what sites show up first and focus on them first. Pay attention to any old blogging platforms that may be potentially embarrassing now. A great way to push down any less flattering articles is to start a new site where you can show off your knowledge and help curate a new online presence.

Figure Out Who You Want to Be

After you see where you rank, you need to decide how you want to be perceived. It’s likely you want to be seen as responsible, friendly, interesting, and professional, as well as someone who’s great at communicating. Keep this in mind as you comb through what you’ve shared online and add/delete where necessary to achieve this image.

When in Doubt, Delete

Outside of who you want to be, there are certain types of posts that should be trashed no matter what. Even if you’re 21, remove any photos that make it seem like drinking is a major part of your life. If you have any drug-related posts, delete them immediately. Take down inappropriate pictures and maybe a few selfies if you’re prone to take a lot.

If you’re someone who likes to complain a lot on social media, delete those posts, especially any that are focused on past work or employers. No one wants to hire a negative grump. Additionally, make sure you have nothing that seems insensitive in regard to race, gender, religion, etc. Always think before you share something that could be seen as racist, misogynist or hateful.

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