“Where to Find Work During the Holiday Season”

12.21.17 | Job Search

During the holiday season, many companies increase staffing with temporary and part-time employees. This is especially true for retailers who are looking for cashiers and helping keep shelves stocked — and anything related to delivering packages, such as warehouse and delivery jobs. If you want to find work during the holiday season and earn some extra cash, where do you start?

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Where to find seasonal work

Some of the best places to look for seasonal work include:

< h3>Newspaper< /h3>

Check your local newspaper help wanted ads. Sunday newspapers often have the most listings, and most newspapers have online versions of their job listings that make it easy to search for the type of job you need. Newspaper listings are an excellent place to find work in smaller, “mom and pop” companies that you may not know about.< br>

< h3>Online< /h3>

Indeed.com is a job aggregator site, with listings from hundreds of websites, including job boards, newspapers, and company career pages. There’s also a community forum where users can exchange information about where to find jobs and the best companies to work for. You may also want to try CareerBuilder and Monster, which have robust databases listing jobs of all types. You can filter results by job title, location, part-time or full-time, and keyword. CoolWorks is a job site specializing in part-time and seasonal work and allows you to search by employer name. Wondering if that store across the street is hiring for the holidays? CoolWorks makes it easy to find out.< br>

Staffing Agency

Check with staffing agencies that specialize in placing temporary workers. You may be able to save time by going through the screening process just once, instead of multiple times when you apply to individual employers.

< h3>Friends / Referrals< /h3>

Ask around. Networking is often the most effective way to conduct a job search, and seasonal work is no different. It’s likely that people you know have some ideas about where to find a seasonal job. Let your friends know you’re looking for seasonal work. Post a notice on social media: “Where can I find a job for the holidays?” Ask friends to let you know if they hear about a company that’s hiring.

< h3>Keep Your Eyes Open< /h3>

Keep Your Eyes Open. As the holidays approach, many stores will post Help Wanted signs in their windows. Take a walk around the mall and keep your eyes open when driving through shopping centers. You can walk in and apply, or you may be able to apply online.

Use two or more of these methods in conjunction to maximize the chances of being successful in your search for a seasonal job. Remember that many employers begin preparing for holiday staffing needs before Thanksgiving, so the earlier you start your search, the better your chances of landing a seasonal position.